Donald Trump stands in the way of the globalists and their ‘New World Order’

While running for U.S. Senator of New York, Hillary promised to create 200,000 jobs in upstate New York.  After she was elected, upstate New York lost over 30,000 payroll jobs.  By the time she became Secretary of State, jobs in upstate New York had risen 1/5 of 1 percent (.002), and manufacturing jobs fell nearly 25%. Of all the nice things she promised to do in her speech at the DNC, why didn’t the Democrats do them the last eight years?  

One of the few things that President Obama said that was true is, “Hillary will promise anything, but will change nothing”.

Why aren’t people asking the question, “why did Hillary lie to Congress and the FBI”?  

Why did she have her emails and servers erased AFTER the Congress subpoenaed them?  What was she hiding?  Was she trying to hide her treason against the American people?  

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If so, would you like to bet that the White House knew about it?  

Wake up people!!!  

There is presently no foreign nation attacking the USA, trying to overthrow us.  The attack has been raging from within Washington DC, since the Bill Clinton administration, to have a criminal hijacking of the United States.  Yet too many people are too blind and foolish to recognize it.  

Step by step, our freedoms have been taken away by evil globalists (following George Soros) and secret societies, and Presidential “executive orders”, who want a one world government, with the few “elite” at the top, and everyone else either killed and a few million kept to “serve the masters”.  Have you heard of “Agenda 21”, and other plans of “the elite”?  That “New World Order” will soon try to exterminate Israel?

The globalist plan was to have Hillary and Jeb Bush from Florida to be the two major party nominees.  It would not matter which person the people voted for, because whomever won the election, the same final plan would be implemented.

 The Democrats cheated, and put Hillary in over Sanders, rigging the primary elections.  Senator Sanders should have acted like a true American and punished the Democrats by not endorsing Hillary.

But what did the Republicans do?  All sixteen candidates signed an agreement that whomever won the most electoral votes, all the losers would endorse and support the winner, and not try to run as a third party or independent.  

Can you read between the lines?


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