Published On: Sat, Nov 12th, 2016

Donald Trump should start first 100 days with 100 one-page bills

Michael Moore spoke out against Donald Trump and the Republican control of Congress, but also took aim at Democrats, left-leaning pundits and the electoral college: “The only reason he’s president is because of an arcane, insane, 18th-century idea called the Electoral College. Until we change that, we’ll continue to have presidents we didn’t elect and didn’t want.”

Moore took to MSNBC to be critical of the upcoming pushing through of GOP backed legislature, the undoing of the Obama administration but that is EXACTLY what got Trump elected.

In fact, Trump should warn Congress that he wants 100 ONE PAGE BILLS to eat around the edges of Obamacare, undo executive orders, unconstitutional mandates, strangling regulation. If one bill came back with a bunch of Mitch McConnell pork, he’s veto the bill and send it back again.


President Obama’s $4 trillion in spending in just absurd. End the continuing resolution, freeze the increases in spending, slash the corporate tax rate to 15% and call in the experts to fix the economy.

 photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

Trump should call in experts like Walt Williams, Thomas Sowell and those who were ahead of the last banking crisis: Dr. Michael Burry, Steve Eisman, Ben Hockett and Greg Lippmann (see The Big Short).

Audit the Fed, take on the cronyism head on and prove the Trump stereotypes wrong.

Glass Steagall, Sarbanes Oxley and Dodd-Frank should all be up for destruction.


There is no bigger project than tackling the damage done by Obamacare, but the “pre-existing condition” coverage MUST BE maintained somehow. Possibly on Medicaid or just leave some elements of Obamacare in place.

The abortion, contraception and coverage mandates would go immediately. All of the IRS tracking and influence – GONE.

Jonathan Gruber may not want to be called the Obamacare architect, but he knows it as well as anyone. Gruber calls for higher penalties and premiums to balance the books, so let it all happen as the states want and let it implode.


Defund Planned Parenthood, let them be fully private and remove the government from the abortion industry. Addition to the Obamacare mandates, abolish the horrible politically correct laws giving gays and transgender special privilege and protect everyone’s rights.

Slash the adoption red tape and make is EASY and CHEAPER to rescue kids around the globe and out of the state system.


Don’t fall into the trap of the campaign language and call for an enforcement of the laws. Gut the red tape to become a citizen, make sure it’s not so expensive. Target the VISA program, the corruption and apathy at ICE.

Find a viable solution on stopping immigration from the Middle East until a vetting process can be implemented.


Just some thoughts, but the one key here is Trump is NOT a politician and has a great opportunity to reform the process in Washington, changing how the GOP will GET THINGS DONE and not just fall in line with the corrupt system.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

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