Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

Donald Trump and his many loves (and likes)

In between calling a number of people “losers” and “stupid”, Republican Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, has told us, the news consumer, several of the people and things he has affection for on his numerous media appearances. Lets take a look at Donald Trump’s loves and likes (even though he may not have always held these loves):

Ronald Reagan

“And he’s somebody that I actually knew and liked. And he liked me.”

“Ronald Reagan was a Democrat, and he was sort of liberal. And I knew him. I didn’t know him then quite, but I knew him.  And I knew him well. He liked me, I liked him. He was, like, this great guy.”

Donald TrumpWomen

“Women’s health issues to me are very important. I cherish women.”

“Well, I think I’ll do more for women — I cherish women — I think I’ll do more for women than Hillary can ever do.”

“.. but Ivanka said, Dad, you love women. You cherish women.  She said that. She used the word “cherish.” She said, You respect women.  You have so many women working for you, probably more women executives than male executives. She said, Dad, you’ve got to let people know how much you adore women and how you’ll take care of them.”


“I would take care of the soldiers that were killed, the families of the soldiers that were killed, the soldiers, the wounded warriors that are — I love them.”

Washington, DC

“I would like to do whatever is good for the District of Columbia because I love the people. You know, it’s funny. I’ve really gotten to know the people, the representatives, and the mayor and everybody. They’re really special people.”

Mexico and Mexicans

“I’m a huge fan of the Mexican people. I have thousands of Mexican people working for me right now and have over the years.”

“And I’ll be friends with Mexico. I’m going to have a great relationship with Mexico.”

“I don’t want cars made in Mexico. I love Mexico. I love the Mexican people. I have so many Mexicans working for me now, and by the way, buying apartments and doing everything else. I have a great relationship with Mexico.”


“You will be so happy. In four years, you’re going to be interviewing me and you’re going to say, “What a great job you’ve done, President Trump.” You’re going to say, “You have done one of the great jobs.”

“I was a good student. I was a very good student. People are shocked by that, but I was actually…”

Unfortunately, Mr Trump, by what he has said vaguely and specifically concerning his policies and philosophy, isn’t showing much love for the US Constitution.



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