Published On: Tue, Apr 29th, 2014

Donald Sterling gets lynched by the NBA, ‘National Bigots Association’ with lifetime ban

When our founders created America as a Representative Republic and NOT a Democracy, this is exactly the type of a crime they wished to avoid: mob rule.

By no means, should anyone be defending Donald Sterling’s remarks, but the subsequent response carries much more damaging consequences than a few words from a prejudiced basketball team owner.

Racist poster from 1866  - Library of Congress

Racist poster from 1866 – Library of Congress

We can begin by questioning the intensity of his alleged racism by noting that the man is sleeping with a woman who is half-black and his team is coach by a black man; therefore, making the Jim Crow comparisons (as the NAACP head did) seems foolish and ignorant.

I don’t think Sterling had ambitions of separate bathrooms, water fountains or buffets for his players were part of his business model.

If Sterling’s remarks are as vile as press would have the masses believe, then David Stern should light his torch and lead the march to burn “RACIST” in big letters on Sterling’s front lawn.

Does that seem like an overreaction to a man’s private conversation revealing his prejudices against African-Americans?

Maybe if he used a few N-bombs, then we could have had Sterling taken away in cuffs like the British politician who insulted Islam this week.

Political correctness has just become militant and dangerous and America appears to be too ignorant or apathetic to care.

Disagreeing with an individual, boycotting businesses or even protesting is commonplace in America. In Sterling’s case, the advertisers were already abandoning the NBA owner faster than rats climbing over the side of a sinking ship. The reaction to Paula Deen seemed like a warm embrace from Oprah compared to the verbal lashing and punishment of Sterling.

So let’s summarize: a private conversation is so heinous and outrageous that the speaker must be exiled from his business, fined millions of dollars and treated like a pariah by his boss.

If that’s a fair and just reward, then smokers can be fired when their boss find this practice to be despicable and dangerous, the anti-war protester becomes an unpatriotic outcast if he works for a veteran and those profane protesters for gay or women’s rights should be punished by their crazed Evangelical or Muslim employer.

The slippery slope of mob rules is a fast lane to anarchy in a world where free speech is never protected.

I deplore the comments made by Sterling, but the free market was already on a path to rip away all of his advertising revenue faster than the cafeteria bully picking on the skinny kid. Sterling had already been outed as a racist or bigot, so fans can choose to never go to a game and players (or coaches) could refuse to sign on to play for the man.

Let the Clippers collapse with Sterling acting as the Captain forced to go down with the sinking ship.

Stern, the NBA and the factions of society who are backing these actions are not standing up for justice, but conspiring in the murder of freedom of speech and expression.

As I said, it would just be faster to light a fire on his front porch or drag him behind your limo Mr. Stern, atleast you’d be fully emulating the intolerant bigots you claim to be denouncing.

Instead you wag your finger at Sterling with righteous indignation. I guess we will see how long it takes for someone to tape you saying something the “mob” disagrees with.

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  1. Suthrnboy says:

    I can tell you think you have a sound mind, but the pathetic rant you drooled onto this crazy freak show of a website shows you don’t know even know what the word franchise means, which makes you a complete imbecile. Further, you failed US law 101. Freedom of speech means you can say what you want, as Sterling did, but you must accept the consequences of those words. Much like yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater, you are free to do it, but you will likely get arrested. I don’t really expect you to understand, what with your shrunken hate-filled zombie brain and all, but I thought I’d give it a shot…

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