Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2018

Don Lemon’s CNN Panel meltsdown over SCOTUS, blames Bernie Sanders at one point

The session of U.S. Supreme Court rulings certainly pleased conservatives, validating President Trump’s selection of Neil Gorsuch to the bench. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement on Wednesday has shocked the liberal leaning electorate and during CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon and Democratic strategist Symone Sanders blow up at each other over who was to blame for allowing Republicans to get control of the White House.

“You know I said in the opening of the show tonight, it makes it pretty clear that elections have real consequences, what are some of those consequences Symone,” Lemon asked.

Sanders responded by recalling the “hot takes” she saw on Twitter blaming Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein supporters for Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing defeat, but she blamed the party’s “Get out the vote” efforts.

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“So are you saying it wasn’t Bernie’s fault without saying it wasn’t Bernie’s fault,” Lemon asked sharply.

“I don’t think that’s anything I need to say, Don, because it’s ridiculous to assert it was Senator Sander’s fault,” Sanders bitterly shot back while hilariously declaring the Democratic Party didn’t have an identity crisis.

Lemon then directly called out Bernie supporters by citing Wednesday’s outcry on social media: “Listen, I hear what you’re saying and I saw that on social media. And I got a lot of messages as well and pretty much everyone was in agreement. Not in what you said, the opposite way or the protest vote. And they were asking all the people who were screaming ‘Bernie, Bernie, Bernie’ at the convention after Hillary Clinton got the nomination if they’re happy with themselves.”

Check out the full clip, via Newsbusters, at the bottom.

Guest Michael Shields interjects, but Lemon returned to his issues with the “Bernie Bros”: “I’m saying you’re making a good point that people on the other side should be listening to about strategy, about long-term goals, about playing the long game. About not having a litmus test for candidates,” Lemon stated, prompting Symone Sanders again.

“To equate what Republican Party to the Democratic Party I think is not understanding how the parties are, in fact, made up,” she declared citing her teaching a class at Harvard.

Lemon then questioned the “strategy” and “intelligence” of Bernie supporters: “Symone, I disagree with you. Listen, it’s not understanding how elections work and how elections have consequences. Because there were people, who on the Democratic side, many of them, including Bernie Sanders supporters who were shouting down allies, Hillary Clinton.”

Sanders tried to tone down the situation by trying to explain to Lemon that Democrats “cannot allow the Republican Party and Donald Trump to change the face of courts for a generation.”

“He already has,” Lemon shot back. “I’m comparing the two parties. You say there’s no comparison, but one of them won. They’re getting two Supreme Court nominations, judges, justices, maybe a third. The other party lost and are getting zero.”

It’s worth noting that Hillary Clinton never gets blamed, her email scandal or corruption are not factored in, nor is any of the left-wing policies from President Obama, which MAY have caused a polarizing reaction to the right.

Full transcript over at Newsbusters

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