‘Doctor Strange’ perpetuates the multiverse theory as scientists take this on ‘faith’

Marvel Studios introduces the multiverse to their Cinematic Universe with Doctor Strange and passively introduces thousands, if not millions, of viewers to the ridiculous scientific concept used to disprove the beautiful, fine-tuned universe pointing to a Creator.

University of Rochester’s Adam Frank is the self-described “evangelist of science” who functioned as an assistant to director Scott Derrickson on the film and is credited for this God-free layering of infinite universes threaded together beyond our human conscience.

Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch movie poster“…consciousness is the great undiscovered frontier when it comes to science,” Frank recounted of his time with the studio and writers. “We don’t have a science of consciousness yet. We have neuroscience, but consciousness itself and the solution to the mind-body problem… we don’t have a science for that. We’re not even close. So that was a great opening to give Doctor Strange his place in the Marvel universe.”

Just like human consciousness is another topic where science comes up short and requires a ton of faith to accept. At least Frank is honest when talking about the science: “Any idea of the multiverse suggests that there are universes other than our own that may have different rules or different histories. There could be other universes where gravity is ten times stronger or universes that are just like ours but the history is slightly different. In another universe, you and I could be talking on a Friday instead of a Thursday. It can be as subtle as that. And there are two ways in science that the multiverse is created.”

There is also NO WAY to prove any of this.

“…according to various calculations, if the values of some of the fundamental parameters of our universe were a little larger or a little smaller, life could not have arisen,” Alan Lightman stated in his paper titled The Accidental Universe: Science’s Crisis of Faith, listing off a very constants needed for life: water, the strength of the nuclear force, gravity and electromagnetic force…

“The strengths of the basic forces and certain other fundamental parameters in our universe appear to be ‘fine-tuned’ to allow the existence of life. The recognition of this fine­-tuning led British physicist Brandon Carter to articulate what he called the anthropic principle, which states that the universe must have the parameters it does because we are here to observe it.”

Dr. Jay Richards argued for fine-tuning, listing 22 constants needed to be perfect for life:

Cosmic Constants (1) Gravitational force constant (2) Electromagnetic force constant (3) Strong nuclear force constant (4) Weak nuclear force constant (5) Cosmological constant Initial Conditions and “Brute Facts” (6) Initial distribution of mass energy (7) Ratio of masses for protons and electrons (8) Velocity of light (9) Mass excess of neutron over proton “Local” Planetary Conditions 285 (10) Steady plate tectonics with right kind of geological interior (11) Right amount of water in crust (12) Large moon with right rotation period (13) Proper concentration of sulfur (14) Right planetary mass (15) Near inner edge of circumstellar habitable zone (16) Low-eccentricity orbit outside spin-orbit and giant planet resonances (17) A few, large Jupiter-mass planetary neighbors in large circular orbits (18) Outside spiral arm of galaxy (19) Near co-rotation circle of galaxy, in circular orbit around galactic center (20) Within the galactic habitable zone (21) During the cosmic habitable age Effects of Primary Fine-Tuning Parameters (22) The polarity of the water molecule

How does science get around this – with the multiverse

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