Published On: Mon, Nov 16th, 2015

Do You Need An Emotional Detox?

We communicate by Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and email across the world, yet cannot communicate with ourselves.  We can access understanding and knowledge at the push of a few buttons, and have not the understanding and knowledge to handle our own.

We spoke to Deborah Marshall-Warren, from WholeBeingToday.co.uk, a hypnotherapist based in central London, about some of the conditions and problems that her clients bring to her.

She described Hillary. Hillary held hands with rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that had twisted her fingers and thumbs into an expression of extreme physical pain.  She spoke about a situation with a colleague at work who was exerting ‘power over her’.  Hillary was so used to being ‘nice’ and ‘sweet’, she was unable to speak her feelings — to express her truth.  

In a short period of time her hands began to speak for her, and their movements expressed frustration, hurt and pain.  Hillary weathered her inner emotional toxicity for one month, after which the diagnosis was made.  Her hands had done the speaking for her and had become crippled.  

Deborah explained that when we deny ourselves — when we bury our hurt — when we deny our feelings — their truth often expresses it in other ways.” This is an extreme illustration perhaps — more familiar examples are a ‘pain in the neck, or in the backside’, or an ear or an eye infection barring what we do not wish to hear or see. Emotions by their strength, seek to control — to pollute, to poison, to damage and to undermine.  Emotions seriously damage your health and your emotional wealth.

photo "Tbone" by AB via wikimedia commons

photo “Tbone” by AB via wikimedia commons

With her years of experience of healing people, Deborah suggests what she called a Mind Detox. When you Mind Detox, you effectively cleanse and rinse the inner mind. You experience a sense of lightness in your physical being.  Also you may experience a heightened sense of concentration, focus and clarity, a state of heightened awareness in the mind.

Over time, as pressure builds within us, we become more emotionally sensitive to smaller and smaller problems and issues. We have pain buttons, grievance buttons, irritation buttons, misunderstood buttons, let down and betrayed buttons, rejection buttons.  Often so raw, they’re extremely sensitive when pressed.  They show themselves – suddenly visible – when we fly off the handle or storm out of a meeting.

Often when we are in new relationships with colleagues, friends and lovers, we discover more pain

buttons.  These go by names like guilt, abandonment, rejection, failure, and unloved.  In some situations they respond in inappropriate and toxic ways.  Take panic attacks, for example, they do not announce themselves,  they just turn up as if from nowhere.  

As Deborah explains it, many people seek refuge from these emotions in food, cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs or worse. As the pain is temporarily subdued, but not addressed or dealt with, it simply builds very slightly every day.

As a consultant, the majority of patients are trying to cure one of perhaps four of five major life issues – such as a desire to lose weight – though underlying the problem they wish to cure is one or more emotional issues that requires care and attention. Cures and life transformations are possible for many patients. It’s just about addressing the underlying emotions.

Guest Author: Stuart Langridge

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