Published On: Thu, Jun 27th, 2019

Do you know how to identify fake webcam jobs ads? Here are a few tips!

The vast majority of today’s young women who want to build a successful career using their looks and personal charm are tempted to choose one of the many webcam jobs available on the market. The promises and the possibilities that surround this extremely profitable activity are attracting every girl that seeks a high-standard lifestyle. The Internet is actually full of webcam jobs ads that sound absolutely dreamy, but the reality tends to contradict most offers, proving them illegal or misleading. 

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Although the activity itself is perfectly legal, many so-called studios choose to hire models and pay them “under the counter” or use fake documents and other methods in order to accept minors. There’s also the case when a studio promises to give you an incredible percentage of the earnings you bring, but 100% of nothing is still nothing, and this will be the case if you don’t have the support you need from the studio. 

How to avoid fake webcam jobs ads 

If you want to steer clear of fake studios, you can choose a company that demonstrated seriousness and professionalism during its existence. This is the case of Studio 20, that managed to take a great number of models to the highest peaks of success in this industry throughout its 18 years of experience. Secondly, you could identify real webcam jobs offer if you look for these few details:

  1. A solid contract. Any serious (and legal) collaboration begins with a contract that is signed by both parties, no matter the activity, and webcam jobs should be no different. If you want a steady job and a secure future (backed up by legal paperwork), you must know that Studio 20 webcam jobs require a contract signing from the first day of activity. This will guarantee that you get the conditions promised in the webcam jobs offer you accepted: the latest technology, themed rooms and exclusive decors, online traffic, free training sessions, and other benefits.
  2. Additional documents for secure and legal earnings. Along with the contract mentioned above, a 100% legal webcam jobs offer must include additional paperwork that helps you track all your earnings and the legal taxes applied to them. This document is usually signed once every two weeks, the moment you get paid. Also, the bi-monthly method of payment might be the most advantageous one in the online modeling activity, so you must keep that in mind as well.
  3. A guaranteed minimum income. The webcam jobs at Studio 20 include another guarantee: a minimum monthly revenue of $1,000 in the first 3 months of activity, regardless of your performance during this period. This way, you’ll be able to learn all the techniques that will help you build a successful career without having to worry about money.
  4. Standard percentage of 50%. Revenue drives performance, so every webcam jobs ad should guarantee earnings of at least half of the amount you bring with your monthly activity. If you choose to be part of the Studio 20 online modeling team, you’ll enjoy a guaranteed standard percentage of 50%, on top of which will be added certain bonuses, bringing your final revenue to as much as 65% of the total earnings you register.

5. Interest-free credit lines directly from the employer. There is no doubt that Studio 20 presents you with the best webcam jobs offer you’ll ever face. After spending more than 6 months with the company, you will have access to interest-free credit lines directly from the agency. This will give you the opportunity to reach your financial goals in the shortest possible amount of time.

Author: Lee Sadawski

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