Published On: Sat, Jan 13th, 2018

Do-It-Yourself Home Fire Inspection in 4Quick Steps

Your home is one of the greatest investments you could ever make. It should be a place of nothing short of tranquility and relaxation. You should also be able to feel safe in your home; safe from burglars and intruders but most of all, safe from serious emergency cases like fire occurrences.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of fire protection companies available in the market today. With their services, you can rest assured that your home is a safe haven for you and your loved ones. By installing fire alarm monitoring systems, fire extinguishers and the like in your home, the fire company will have taken the right measures to minimize chances of a fire in your home and minimize the damage in case of one.

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But in as much as it is important to have a fire system in place, it is also important for homeowners to know how to do some routing fire inspections on their own. Most of the time however, people will wait for the inspection day with their fire company and won’t bother until the next inspection date. If truth be told though, as a homeowner, you should be able to inspect your fire system every once in a while just to be sure that everything is working properly.

So, before your annual fire inspection date comes, here are 4do-it-yourself steps for your home fire inspection routines. Keep reading…

  • Walk around your house watching out for potential hazards – You might sit comfortable knowing that you have a fire system in place, but have you ever thought for a moment about any possible fire escapes just in case there is a fire incident in your home?

Well, your fire company might advise you to have an ideal fire escape in your home but it is up to you to ensure that there are no obstructions whatsoever that could jeopardize your fire exits. So, look for obstructions that could be posing as potential hazards.

  • Inspect your doors and windows to ensure that they open and close easily – The windows and doors are the best fire escapes in a home. So, it is imperative that you inspect the doors and windows around your home. As matter of fact, if you have a complicated lock system in your home, it is advised that it to a hand turn style system. This will come in handy in case there is a fire in your house and you need to exit for safety.  
  • Locate your fire extinguishers – Keeping your fire extinguishers in a secret place is as good as not having them at all. Owing to the fact that fire spreads very first and could turn to a huge disaster if not regulated in good time, you should ensure that you keep your fire extinguishers in a safe but easily reachable place. If you are not sure of where or how you should place them around the house, you can contact your fire company for some advice.


  • Ensure that your power surges, cords and electrical outlets are not overloaded or tangled up –Electricity is the number one cause of fire accidents at home and even in commercial settings. So, for the best preventative measures, ensure that you do not overload power outlets and that power cords are not tangled up. In addition to this, ensure that the power outlets are used for their intended purposes.

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