Published On: Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

Diversification and Expansion within the Infor Enterprise

Infor is a big company, worth some $3 billion dollar. That said, it is still relatively new, with few people having heard of it before Charles Phillips became its CEO. Since then, Charles Phillips Infor CEO and wife Karen, his trusted advisor, have turned the company around. Since he took over, he has created strong growth, and the balance sheet is really respectable as well. So how come Infor is so different from the rest, and what can we expect from it in the coming months and years?

Infor launched its Inforum 2016 in New York City’s Javits Center. Here, they discussed the strategy that they have developed, a very uncommon one, what Infor is involved in right now, and what it will do in future.

A Unique Model Targeted to Enterprise

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photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

When Infor first started, it was simply a technology vendor. Since Phillips took over, however, it has gone through a nearly complete metamorphosis. It continues to be a vendor of enterprise software, but the company’s business elements have been completely innovated. It now has its fingers in many pies, including business strategies, brand development, and customer website design. For Phillips, it is vital to create a relationship with the customer, and this is as important as the software and platform that they use. This has been a real redefinition of the business itself, and since it has properly realigned its goals, the company is attracting tons of new customers.

Customers look for Infor to create something innovative and new. They are well aware of the fact that a lot of awesome technology is out there, but they often don’t know how that can benefit their particular business. They also worry that changing their technology will impact their business in terms of how to learn how to use it. For Phillips, this means Infor has to understand different industries, has to be able to train, and has to be able to develop software.

Choosing New York

One of the first executive decisions Phillips made was to move Infor’s headquarters from Georgia to New York. Most people expected he would move to Silicon Valley, where all the other tech companies are. For Phillips, however, the customer is firmly in New York, which means that is where the company also needs to be. Indeed, the majority of customers that Infor has are either in New York, or frequently travel there.

Furthermore, Infor approaches everything with a difference. For instance, for their design team, they have attracted fashion designers. New York is full of media and fashion schools that have tech tracks, and Infor can hire directly from these schools, which are right on their door step. If they do move people in from other places, like Europe or Israel, they are often more willing to move to New York than to Silicone Valley in California, where there is very little other than tech companies. Again, in other words, Phillips has placed the needs of his staff and his customers before the needs of the company as a whole, and this strategy seems to be paying off very well.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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