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Discover the secrets to reducing farting while pregnant

One of the symptoms that come with pregnancy is farting.  With all the medicines and foods that you may be taking at this point, excess gas may be accumulating in your stomach, making you to fart. Some pregnant ladies worry about farting excessively in public which can be embarrassing. You should not obsess over it as long as there is no foul smell. We will enlighten you on why this happens as well as how to get rid of gas using natural remedies that are safe for you and your unborn child.

Why does pregnancy come with excess gas?

During this stage, your entire body is going through significant changes as the baby keeps on developing. The increase of hormones such as progesterone is responsible for the excess gas.  This hormone is essential to offer massive support to your baby.

It, however, triggers the relaxation of your muscles. As all other muscles relax, abdominal tissues are not left out. Since intestinal muscles move slowly, it also reduces the pace of your digestion which in turn, enables you to build up gas. In this state, you can barely control the gas.

During the second and third phases of pregnancy, as the uterus grows, it causes pressure on your abdomen, intestines, and bladder as it vies for extra room for the baby. This is what makes you fart excessively and also urinate more than a person who is not pregnant. As your digestion decreases, the feeling of passing gas increases.

You may feel bloated or keep on burping. Flatulence is also common due to excess gas. Some women complain of discomfort due to the gas while others experience pain resulting from constipation. As you take iron supplements to increase your blood levels, it may cause excessive farting.

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How to stop farting while pregnant


Light workouts with the help of a trainer can help you reduce accumulation of gas in your stomach. Exercising improves not only your physical and mental well-being but also your digestive system. It enables you to break down food fast so that you don’t constipate.

During the last phase of pregnancy, it may be hard to work out. Walking for thirty minutes every day can help your metabolism improve. Let your doctor help you out on what movements are healthy for your baby to avoid putting him or her at risk.

Take water

Irritable bowel syndrome is what causes pain and bloating when excessive gas builds up. You can reverse this by taking at least eight glasses of water every day. Other fluids can also help you fasten your digestion. Ensure that you select fruit juices that do are not gassy and contain fewer sugars. Such fruits include orange juice, pineapple as well as grape juices. Consuming such Fodmaps will help you stop farting.

Check your diet

While pregnant, you should be keen on your diet so that you feed your child with healthy nutrients. Assessing which foods make you feel bloated will help you replace them with the ones you feel comfortable with. Some foods that increase gas include sprouts, cabbages as well as broccoli.

A doctor can guide you on which foods your baby needs to prevent malnutrition.  Therefore, do not cut down on foods without the help of a doctor. They can also advise you on proper foods to act as substitutes and help you calculate the necessary calories you should be having per day.

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Increase fiber content

Fiber boosters help soften your poop so that you don’t experience constipation. Add 30 mg of fiber into your diet so that they can help bring water into your intestines. When your stool is soft, it will pass easily without blocking along your large intestines. Fiber boosters are therefore how to stop farting while pregnant.

You can get this contents from oats, figs, prunes, bananas and flax meal. With such a wide variety of fruits, there is no excuse as to why you should let this gas make you uncomfortable all day long.

Fiber supplements

Sometimes, pregnancy comes with different tastes when it comes to foods. In a situation where fiber fruits are not your preference, fiber supplements can also help reduce gases in your digestive system. Supplements are a quick alternative to reduce your bloating within few hours.

Some of the conventional fiber supplements you can look for include: psyllium, citruce, and miralax. This medicines also soften your stool as they relieve stomach upsets. If you have Crohn’s disease, such supplements can also reverse the symptoms.

Stool softeners

Make your pregnancy easy by preventing constipation through stool softeners. Docusate provides room for easy digestion to avoid excessive farting as it moistens your poop. 100gm of this product during pregnancy will prevent constant bloating. Avoid taking stimulant laxatives during this stage as they cause difficulties during pregnancy.

Take heavy breathes

Doctors reveal that when you are pregnant and anxious, you are likely to swallow more air than any other person. Excessive swallowing of air makes you fart more than usual. It also makes you belch due to increasing abdominal gas. Breathing will help you relieve stress and keep your body relaxed. This is how to stop farting without any external booster.

When is farting abnormal during pregnancy?

Most pregnant ladies fart regularly, but cases of pain while farting need medical intervention. Constant pain that extends for more than thirty minutes is a sign of health issues. Constipation that goes for more than one week while pregnant is also unhealthy. Avoid assuming such matters and go for regular check-ups to monitor your health.

Final thoughts

Most of us know of the significant symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness and swelling feet. Excessive farting does not cross our minds even though it is a symptom of pregnancy. Prevent yourself from awkward moments by implementing the remedies we have discussed. As you prepare for your baby, adjusting your lifestyle will prevent you from stomach complications. Our remedies are natural solutions on how to stop farting so that you can avoid weird, uncontrollable farts.

Author: Nirdesh Singh

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