Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2021

Dino Tomassetti: 5 Reasons Your Planning Permission May Be Refused

When you are looking to build on a plot of land, be it a property, structure or an extension you will first have to ensure that the local authorities sign off on this. The process here will see you apply for planning permission for the proposed build, before any ground is broken. In most cases you will find it very easy to get planning permission but there is a variety of reasons why this may not be the case. To understand some of the reasons as to why planning permission may be refused, we have consulted Dino Tomassetti, construction specialist and our resident property expert. 


Under piracy laws your new building or structure cannot infringe on the property of somebody else. This includes being able to see over their property such as the addition of a balcony or window above their garden. It is not just about being able to see into someone’s property it is also about overshadowing their property. If your design is going to block light coming into the property of your neighbor, or if it will block their view then this is grounds to have permission refused. 

Out of Character 

If you live in an older building or a listed building then any additional work which you want to carry out on it, usually has to be done in line with the existing character of the building. Here you may very well see your permission refused if your design is not deemed to be in line with the existing style and character of the property. 

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Impact on Nature 

Another important factor to consider when you are designing the new build is the impact which it will have on the natural landscape which surrounds the area. For example if the build may interrupt a natural eco-system or if it will require the felling of old trees then it could very well be that your permission will be denied. There is a raft of regulations when it comes to the protection of nature and it will be important that you fully understand what your responsibilities are. 

Hazardous Materials 

Following many years of tweaks and changes there are a number of materials which are outlawed in the consecution of a building. Some of these are completely illegal yet some are able to be used, albeit only under certain conditions. If it is deemed that your use of hazardous materials is dangerous then your permission is going to be refused. 


Whilst it is not a common reason for permission to be denied, some local authorities may decide that your planning is going to result in the overdevelopment in your area. Ultimately if there is too much development then it is going to have an impact on the utilities that can be provided to the area, for this reason planning permission application could certainly be denied. 

These are just some of the reasons as to why an application may not be granted.

Author: James Daniel

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