Published On: Mon, Sep 16th, 2019

Dignity in Dying promotes assisted suicide as the alternative to a ‘bad death’

In Scotland, euthanasia groups are working to convince lawmakers to legalize assisted suicide, attempting to scare people in a new report, “The Inescapable Truth,” along with a video, which claims that 17 people each day will die a “bad death” as they suffer.

Dignity in Dying Scotland launched their campaign to mobilize across the globe by depicting a mother explaining her father’s death in hospice to her young son, interspersed with shots of the elderly man writhing in pain on the bed, begging to “make it stop,” while his relatives sob at his bedside.

The video closes with a warning that 17 people suffer this way every day, and direct viewers to “help us end the suffering.”

Check out the clip below.

Carole Walford and Tracey Bleakley, chief clinical officer and chief executive officer of Hospice UK, responded with an open letter slamming the video. “It [the video] is misleading and irresponsible. It plays on peoples [sic] anxiety and fear about the end of life, and amplifies these in a picture of ‘care’ that is highly inaccurate and distressing,” the letter read, adding, “This short film is, by no means an accurate portrayal of hospice care.”

Walford and Bleakley then asked for the video to be taken down, concluding, “When misleading information is posted online that purports to show hospice care as a frightening experience, we have to speak out. We have spent decades reassuring the public that hospice care should not be feared and much can be gained from using hospice and palliative care services.”

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The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) Scotland likewise criticized the report.

“Scare-mongering is a tactic of assisted suicide advocates,” Michael Robinson, SPUC Scotland Director of Communications, said, adding:

Scaring people to support suicide is a desperate measure with dire consequences as we have seen around the world. Suicide leads to worse conditions for patients and creates momentum for widening the categories of those who are made to feel they should choose to die.

We need to ensure we do not become one of the countries where the weak, sick and elderly feel they have a duty to die. Palliative care is the answer to concerns about suffering, yet assisted suicide undermines palliative care by proposing a cheap alternative which undermines human dignity.

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