Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2022

Digital Merchandising Trends to Take Advantage of in 2023

When it comes to merchandising your online business in the 2020s, you need to think digitally. Says Fast Simon, an e-commerce merchandising expert, in 2023 your company needs online visual merchandising (short videos), rule-based automation especially when it comes to small companies, and even AI-based optimization which is based on various sales data and signals. In other words, merchandising is all about the smart web, easy-to-navigate websites, stunning visuals, and tapping into an enormous global market. 

According to a new report by Forbes, lots of companies and organizations are already in the process of planning out their digital marketing and merchandising plans for 2023 and well beyond. If you’re a smart business owner, you’re seeking out the latest trends to employ in your efforts to create a maximum sales effect.

With that in mind, here are some of the biggest and most happening trends in digital marketing and merchandising that will help your business thrive. A couple of them might blow your mind.

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Enter The Metaverse

Said to be one of the most talked-about trends in digital advertising, the metaverse is a more of a broad term that’s used to describe virtual experiences that take place in and around the web.  Nike, Starbucks, and lots of big brand names have already dived into the metaverse. 

There’s a lot of excitement about the future of this virtually unexplored digital territory. But at present, some business owners can’t wrap their heads around it much less find a practical use for it. But that will change soon (some say it will be possible to live on forever in the metaverse as a digital avatar of your present human self…talk about mind blowing).   

So then, how can you take advantage of the metaverse now? Just begin by experimenting with it. You can immerse yourself on a personal basis. If you’re a Boomer or Gen Xer, it’s probably best to hire a young Gen Zer merchandising/marketing pro to help you look for emerging opportunities in the metaverse. This is still in the experimental stages, so it more of a merchandising tool to keep your eye on rather than going all in right this minute.  

Artificial Intelligence or AI

Says Forbes, AI is the power behind all your marketing efforts. One of the more quiet digital marketing and merchandising trends over the past decade, AI is now being integrated into just about every marketing channel you can imagine. 

The biggest example of this are the algorithms that determine how many people get to see your social media posts or Amazon or Google ads. At base, AI is said to be making marketing smarter since it’s able to connect the right products, services, and messages to the right people.   

How can you take advantage of AI now? By gaining even a basic understanding of how algorithms impact your marketing efforts, you can optimize your merchandizing strategy to take full advantage of it. Or, if it’s still totally over your head, you can hire a merchandizing and marketing professional to do this for you.  

Customer Experience

Forbes states that most algorithms and artificial intelligence optimize for the exact same end goal, which is nothing more than creating a better consumer experience. That’s what you ultimately need for your business. For instance, consistent and constant search engine optimization (SEO) updates in your website content will attract more users and potential customers. 

You can take advantage of the algorithms by focusing on your customer’s personal experiences. If you’re selling ski equipment and apparel, focus on content that will help keep people warm and comfortable on frigid days. Or create content with SEO that focuses on skis that provide speed for the would-be downhill racer. 

Short Simple Videos

Instagram Reels and TikTok are emerging as the king and queen of social media feeds. Consumers are obsessed with them. At present, merchandising and marketing professionals don’t see the popularity of these short simple videos coming to an end anytime soon. 

If businesses and companies wish to remain relevant in 2023 and beyond, they need to engage in these short video formats and direct them toward their customers. These videos are not only easy to make, but they are fun and basically free (you can make them on your smartphone). All they take is a little bit of your time. 

It’s for this reason that the short video format is making its way into professional marketers social media toolbox. They will set up a schedule of videos for your business for the coming quarter or even for the entire year. 

In the meantime, start watching as many of these little screen gems as you can to get an idea of how they work. Try making a few on your own. Feature yourself in the video. Chances are, if the video consumer likes you as a person, they will want to give your product a try. 

Author: Kayla Rench

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