Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

Different Types and Uses of Weighbridges

Weighbridges are machines built to weigh large industrial vehicles. They are made of steel and are really robust. They are mounted permanently on a concrete foundation and can be used to weigh cars, rail or heavy equipment. Modern weighbridges have advanced mechanics and include more rudimentary technology. They were originally designed to be put over a pit with levers and mechanical components. Today, more weighbridges are linked to a PC which is capable of printing tickets and can also provide reporting features.

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Types of weighbridges

There are many types of weighbridges as listed below.

  • Digital weighbridges
  • Electronic weighbridges
  • Rail weighbridges
  • Mechanical
  • Axle scales
  • Portable scales
  • Movable weighbridges

What are weighbridges used for?

They can be used for two main reasons: to check weight and weighing for trade. When they are used to check weight, they help prevent overloading. They are also used by industries or manufacturers to lift bulk items such as in mines, recycling centers, quarries and garbage dumps. Since their weight is known, they are easy and quick to use.

A single system can be used to check the weights of other machines and gross vehicle weights so as to determine if a vehicle is safe to transport goods. It can also be used to check the maximum weight a single vehiclecan carry so as to avoid being fined.

Weighbridges have been supplanted by thin and simple electronic weigh cells which can be slowly driven on vehicles. A computer is used to record the output of the cell and accumulates the weight of the vehicle. By weighing each axle’s force, it can be confirmed that the vehicle is within statutory limits. This will impose a total vehicle weight and the maximum weight in an axle span limit.

Portable weighbridges have also been developed. They are easy to use and can easily be transported from one location to another. They are placed on the ground and have the same accuracy as those mounted on a hard surface. Construction workers use the portable ultrahawke weighbridges to weigh heavy material. Police can also use them to check accuracy of goods or heavy machinery.

Weighbridges also require proper management if you want them to be durable and to prevent repairs. A weighbridge that is well maintained will last for more than twenty five years.

Author: Charlie Brown

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