Published On: Mon, Jan 23rd, 2017

Different Kinds of Water and Its Importance

Do you know the differences in water? First you have storm water. This comes from melting snows and from rain storms. When this stormwater comes into contact with materials like solvents, heavy metals, gas, and oils, it can become greatly contaminated. This can lead to the contamination of both ground and surface water.

Ground water is the water that lies under the surface of the land. This is the water that is a critical natural resource and gets used for quite a few things, including our drinking water. Half of the drinking water in the U.S. gets its start as groundwater. This can be as surface water in the form of springs or through other conveyances.

Then you have waste water. This comes in two forms. One is sanitary waste water. This is the water that comes from drinking fountains, showers, and bathrooms. Then there is industrial waste water. This comes from sources where it can come into contact with dismantled equipment or parts, water that is used on the floors in dismantling areas, water that comes from equipment wash down or stem cleaning, discharges from aqueous type cleaning, etc. In other words, waste water is simply any type of water aside from storm water that is in contact with vehicle recycling applications.

photo D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA

Can Waste Water be Cleaned?

MBBR systems that are commonly used to treat waste water. They provide a sort of pretreatment to the organics in systems that deal with waste water. These MBBR systems can actually be integrated with municipal and industrial treatment systems for denitrification, nitrifications, and BOD removal. They consist of something called biofilm carriers that will provide a surface area for the bacteria’s acclimation process that is protected. They are made from a polyethylene that has a high density and they have a life that is effective for 15 years. These organisms get sloughed off and then discharged with the water that has been treated and because of this, the MBBR systems are ideal for pretreating water streams that are organic bearing.

Water for Energy

Even some of our energy plants use water to generate the energy that we use in our homes.  Does this contaminate the local water supplies?  It isn’t supped to.  Just this past October though, that was brought into question in Wayne County, North Carolina when a dam at the Duke Energy H. F. Lee plant broke and caused one of the cooling ponds there to mix in with the floodwater.  The dam and originally been damaged by Hurricane Matthew and it burst just shortly after Duke Energy had a statement released saying that it was safe.  Now, Greenpeace has called for the governor of North Carolina and Duke Energy to ensure that the public is safe and to take responsibility.

The Importance of Water

You probably already know why water is so important. Yes, it might be one of the most abundant substances on the planet, but it is also used by every living organism on the planet. Without it there would be no life at all. We use water for more than just to live though. We use it to cook, to clean ourselves and everything else, for recreation, and also to keep our plants and pets alive. We seriously couldn’t go a day without it. This is why it is so imperative that we make sure that we always have clean water. Disease causing chemicals and germs can get into our supplies of water. If this happens, the water will be contaminated or polluted and if people come into contact with it or drink it, they can get really sick. Just look at what happened in Flint, MI.

Recently, there was a scare in Corpus Christi, Texas that lasted for more than 4 days. On Dec 13, authorities issued a warning to the 320,000 residents in the city to not use or drink tap water due to an accident at a local asphalt terminal. However, the green light was given on the morning of the 5th day by officials with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. However, many businesses had already filed suit against Ergon and Valero – the companies responsible – due to them having to be closed during the crisis. This is just one example of how quickly things can go downhill when there is a water contamination scare.

Author: Jimmy Simond

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