Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2017

Dhl: Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize The Logistic Industry

With the continued advancement in technology, the logistic industry is beginning to experience a tilt towards technology like every other industry out there. Today, global logistic powerhouse DHL believes that artificial intelligence is beginning to revolutionize how goods are moved both domestically and internationally.

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

Looking at the studies conducted to support the recent logistic trend radar, global logistic powerhouse DHL believe that data driven technology will provide a robust opportunity for hitherto inconceivable level of optimization in the logistics as well as manufacturing and warehousing industry. According to the company, last mile delivery could become finally possible within the next 5 years regardless of the high cost of adoption hindering many logistics company from adopting this trend today.

According to Matthias Heutger, a principal officer in DHL, the logistic industry wouldn’t have to wait too long to enjoy these mind blowing trends. This isn’t surprising seeing that the key trends from the company’s findings will likely go into effect within the next 5 years.  Here are some of the mind blowing trends the logistic industry should look out for:

Data driven machine interaction: This is one mind blowing trend the logistic industry can’t wait to enjoy.  According to findings, the use of augmented reality particularly the use smart glasses is expected to completely revolutionize the logistic industry. Although, smart glasses are designed for order picking according to DHL, the company believes that smart glasses will skyrocket intelligent and yes, hands free operations when they come into full effect. A pilot program conducted by DHL in conjunction with a computer printer maker in Netherland revealed a 25% efficiency increase together with a positive feedback from users.

Accelerated Robotics and automation: Another trend the logistic industry is happy about is the continued advancement in the field of robotics. As a matter of fact, next generation robotics are believed to be much lighter, easy to program, flexible and most important of all affordable. To show just how important this trend is to the logistic sphere, DHL carried out a successful test of collaborative robots working closely with human employees and the result was simply breathtaking. According to the company this would dramatically reduce the hassles encountered in the logistic industry.

Self-driving vehicles: While the world has continued to fantasize about self driving cars, the logistic industry is looking to make this trend a reality in this incredible industry. Although, there has been considerable success with forklifts and other self driven equipment, DHL is looking at deploying self driven cars to the road within the next 5 years.  Nevertheless, this trend would have to contend with regularity and security challenges. This is no doubt because of other users who would be plying public roads.

WMCH drone photo by Clément Bucco-Lechat via wikimedia commons

Leveraging drones: Another trend the logistic industry is excited about is the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver goods. However, this trend will take more time before people get used to it.

With this continued advancement, the future of the logistic industry is bright. Studies have shown that by 2020, over a 50 billion objects will be directly connected to the internet. This will open a new wave of over $1.9 trillion opportunity for the logistic industry.

Although, artificial intelligence promises so much to the logistic industry, DHL believes that only a fraction of these trends are utilized. This is partly because of security concerns attached to leveraging this trend. More so, the fact that most of these trends are customized for the consumers market means that the logistic industry has to wait before it can fully utilize versions that are customized for its purposes.

Author: Ranjeet Sethi

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