Published On: Fri, Sep 30th, 2016

‘Designated Survivor’ is tainted by liberalism, stereotypes

ABC’s Designated Survivor should give Americans pause this heated political season. While the show is lathered in liberal bias and utopian Democratic ideals, Kiefer Sutherland’s Tom Kirkman at least offers up the portrayal of a patient Commander-in-Chief, refusing to be reactionary or politically motivated.

Following an explosion at the Capitol during the State of the Union address, Kirkman goes from Secretary of HUD (fired hours before the attack) to the White House. A good-natured, “straight shooter” Kirkman is faced with chaos and calamity on every front.

The FBI’s Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) adds intrigue to the threat with a veiled conspiracy theory of the Truthers after 9/11. A warmongering General and a prejudice Governor (Michigan) only begin to scratch the surface of the stereotypes created by ABC.

designated-survivor-bannerKirkman and a few select others are the only tolerant white people as Muslims are blindly arrested as Kal Penn’s character says “When people don’t know who their enemy is they start with people who look like me.”

We have to endure a racist cop scene as they harass the “brown” character before a soft-recovery is attempted later on at a vigil. The message is clear: we are racist.

Yep, just as Hillary Clinton stated – America has a problem according to the show.

Cops are bad, Muslims are picked on, White are prejudiced, the military are blind warmongers and President Kirkman is good.

The real problem with the show is the naivete they present…the lack of lobbyists and outsiders who would converge on Washington to snatch their piece of the pie.

If we truly play this out, the Obama administration (or the future Clinton/Trump administrations) would quickly implement their friend and political allies to the State Department, AG’s office, the Supreme Court and both chambers of Congress.

Designated Survivor portrays a leader we WISH we had, but don’t and won’t.

I’m just as guilty.

If it were me, there would have been a flurry of phone calls to leaders I trusted and knew personally to place around as the government is put back together. Two episodes in and Tom hasn’t picked a Chief of Staff.


ABC wants the audience to thirst for the idealist…the leaders who takes pause, but that’s not evident anywhere else on the show.

America is portrayed as Islamophobic nuts and none of that happened after 9/11 and that hollow trope is disgusting. Americans are generally sick of being blamed for the faults of others and lumped into these extreme stereotypes. We don’t and wouldn’t jail Muslims first and ask questions later – just nonsense.

The preview for episode three sets up betrayal from the lone Republican representing Congress, even though there are rules on succession for each state’s representatives.

Designated Survivor could really explode with viewers if it showed us the government we want: Democrats and Republicans working together, getting things done and not worrying about their jobs.

While it’s still too early to pass judgment on the show, all signs point to Democrats are good, Republicans are bad, white America is bad, not all Muslims are bad and the government is conspiring to do evil things…well, except for some Democrats who are good guys.

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