Published On: Mon, May 6th, 2013

Described as ‘armed march’ radio host Adam Kokesh organizes ‘Open Carry March’ to Washington DC on July Fourth

Libertarian activist and radio host, Adam Kokesh plans to lead an”armed march” on Washington, D.C. this Independence Day.Launched as a group on Facebook, the “Open Carry March on Washington” hopes to get 1,000 supporters to march into the nation’s capital with loaded rifles.

The group plans to meet at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. From there, they will march across the Memorial Bridge into Washington, D.C. and continue down Independence Avenue.

Media posts describe the event as an “armed march” and responses to the Facebook post already call into question the march.

“So, a bunch of people are going to march on the Supreme Court, openly flouting the gun laws. This is indistinguishable from an attack. You know, like an attack on the Supreme Court that helps enforce your right to bear arms. This is stupid. I sincerely hope that the people who protect the Supreme Court visit all kinds of hurt on you,” writes Kevin.

“We must completely disarm the people to have any hope of overthrowing the government. The ultimate orchestration of this reverse psychology is our singular hope for destroying the tyranny of this tyrannical tyrant. We MUST lay down our arms, pick up our Bibles, and hug, hug, HUG our congress members.” – William


George Washington crossing the Delaware

The Facebook page announcement:

“This is an act of civil disobedience, not a permitted event. We will march with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny.”

The event is said to be non-violent and states that if the group is met with physical resistance, they will turn back.

“There’s a remote chance that there will be violence as there has been from government before, and I think it should be clear that if anyone involved in this event is approached respectfully by agents of the state, they will submit to arrest without resisting,” the event’s page reads.

The event is open to unarmed supporters, journalists and welcomes law enforcement officers to join.

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  1. Jeff 4 Justice says:

    Adam Kokesh In-Depth Interview By Jeff 4 Justice http://youtu.be/fnPQCFLaAs8

  2. Chief_Cabioch says:

    what is the point of the march if it isn’t to show force?, what good will it do to march, then be run out of town, or give your weapons up and never get them back?, why would anyone want to put people in that position?, if you are going ARMED then resist any attempts to STOP you, and any attempts to disarm you, or just MAIL them your GUNS, and be done with it…..

  3. Gun-toting protesters could face legal hurdles in march on Washington – MSNBC | Train Me Texas says:

    […] The Global Dispatch […]

  4. Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    Marching on Washington in favor of a political cause is one thing. Marching on Washington with rifles locked and loaded is QUITE another. It’s irresponsible if not downright INSANE. Adam Kokesh seems determined to provoke a violent confrontation, which would in turn give the teabaggers and gun nuts all the reason they need to start the “armed rebellion” they seem to be salivating over. And there will probably also be hundreds of Timothy McVeigh wannabes popping up all over the country. Nothing good is going to come of this … and the worst-case scenario will be a breakdown of civil order and infrastructure, followed by unimaginable death and misery as a result of violence, starvation, and disease.

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