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Depression: A biological disorder

Depression is commonly known as a crippling mood disorder. An imbalanced mental state makes a person negative and unhappy. The universal definition of depression is that it is a state of downfall in every field of life. This definition speaks all about this biological disorder. It also makes the person feel lazy, hampered and socially disconnected. It is the result of the genes and stress level targeting the chemistry of the brain and curbs the mental and mood stability.  

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It is more common in people with an unhappy relationship, financial stability; disappointing professional life is some of the factors that give birth to depression. Nowadays, it can be very frequently seen in the young generation due to the mental pressure of studies or some factors as mentioned above. It affects day-to-day life as it affects the ability of a person to eat, sleep, work, study and many other things.

What are the symptoms and warning sign of depression?

Symptoms of depression solely depend on the person who is suffering from depression, but at the same time, there are some most common symptoms and signs. It is very significant to understand that maybe these symptoms do not look serious or crucial, but it could be the ignition point. The below-mentioned list consists of some of the common symptoms of depression, and this includes:

  • Feeling weak and demoralized – This feeling is usually felt when someone feels that everything is going bad in their life and nothing will change and remain as it is. This situation is called feeling weak and demoralized.
  • Anger and short-temper – Utmost anger, which turns into a violent and restless situation sometimes. At this stage, the tolerance level is very low without any proper reason or on small things.
  • Disinterest in daily activities – Losing the ability to enjoy life or following respective hobbies. Totally disconnected from society.
  •    Less amount of sleep – Changes in sleeping time either very less sleep or oversleep.
  •    Loss or gain in body weight – Significant loss or gain in the body weight.
  •    Concentration – Problems in focusing, decision making or remembering things.
  •    Self-hatred – Starting hating yourself and feeling guilty for everything.
  •    Thinking about harming yourself.

Thinking about harming yourself is the warning point of depression, and this stage is the risky stage because at this stage mental ability to think and differentiate between right and wrong is completely stopping working. Sometimes, this stage gives birth to suicidal thoughts and almost thinking about ending life. These symptoms also vary based on gender.

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Symptoms in Male

Most common symptoms seen in males is demoralized feeling or self-hatred instincts. It also affects daily life activities such as loss of interest in work and hobbies or socially disconnected.

Symptoms in Female

Contrary to males, females experience different symptoms such as oversleeping, overeating and sudden weight gain or guilty feeling. Depression also has impacts on menstruation, pregnancy, and sudden menopause.

How to help and support?

Depression is a serious but curable mental disorder affects thousands of people from every age group. It gives a tremendous amount of pain not only the person who is suffering but also the persons around them. It is not easy to cure a person who is suffering from depression, but it is not impossible. One just needs to know the correct method to help and support such individuals who are battling depression.

The first thing, which includes in the support, is to listen and only listen. One must to understand the problem by talking to the individuals battling depression and listening to them. Encourage individuals battling with depression to consult a doctor or counselor. Regularly being in their contact with such individuals also help massively. One must to build a trust bonding and let them know that they are there for them. Handle the matter with care and affection is also very important.  

Every time try to open them and make them tell all the feelings to you and always ready for conversation. Try to have conversations through emails, facebook or any other social media platform. Always praise them, show them that they are worth and important, and do not ever judge them at any cost.

If the person is always hostile and is having suicidal thoughts very frequently the only way to tackle this is by talking. Show the concerns to them and the importance of their life. Sometimes, if the person is very violent and intolerance then medication may be the only solution. It is important to note that these medications are only a preventive measure and can give relief for some time. It cannot be used as a long-term solution because these medicines have many side effects.

The only effective treatment, which is frequently used is consulting and counseling by the professional therapist.  

Importance of Health Tracking Applications

Talking about the role of health tracking applications, nowadays, it plays a very vital part in the day-to-day life of a person. Most of the mental disorders and their therapy needs face-to-face patient-therapist interaction. In the present day medical scenario, applications can also play a very significant role. These health-tracking applications facilitate individuals battling depression to make a diary of what they feel and what are they suffering from, which can be used to diagnose the problem.

Health Diary is a health tracking application, which can be used to track any information related to health. It is also frequently used as a health diary that is very useful to track any health-related information for you and your family. It provides very rich programming where a user can write anything related to their daily health or chronic condition. Later they can even see all their entries date wise in a calendar and can improve a lot on their own.   

Health Diary is a one-stop place where patients can write and track all their health or chronic conditions such as mood, depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, medications, etc. anywhere and anytime.

Author: Lena Burket

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