Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2017

Dennis Prager on the ‘radical’ ‘Drama Queen March’ and the ‘incoherence’ which proves they are narcissistic fools

Over a million women marched this weekend in Washington, DC and other cities, but “what were they marching about?” asked conservative talk show host Dennis Prager, who claimed that it wasn’t really a “women’s march” — it was a “women who hate Trump” march.

“The level of absurdity cannot really be fully measured,” Prager began as his Monday show kicked off with a reflection on President Trump’s inauguration and the subsequent march across America. “This Women’s March in the United States and elsewhere and I’m trying to figure out what it was about, so I read their entire platform and it’s so radical,” he began, confirming he’s researched their entire manifesto.

Prager dives into the “radical nature of it” and the “incoherence” calling for his son to not date someone who is proud of participating in this march because she “thinks so incoherently.”

Women’s March protest 2017 — Virgin Mary and vagina mashup photo/ twitter

“This march was an act of narcissistic foolishness,” Prager says before analyzing how much better women are doing than men: graduating high school, live longer than men, commit suicide less than men, are murdered less than men etc… pointing to this “incoherence.”

Prager accurately points out that the agenda posted doesn’t point to tragedies elsewhere in the world, the horrors against women by these Sunni radical Muslims and terrorist factions like Islamic State or Boko Haram. “These are non-issues.”

Ashley Judd and Madonna were two high-profile celebrities ranting and screaming against women’s rights and railed against Donald Trump to an audience of women dressed as genitalia, carrying signs with “Pussy cats” on them and calling for more abortion rights.

The commentator from California calls out the “narcissism of these women” for complaining that the price of birth control may go up.

“You now what this march should be called…The Drama Queen March.”

Audio of the first hour of Prager’s show can be found below via Stitcher.

The attacks on President Trump seemed to be obsessed with the hysteria surrounding a his comments over twenty years ago on an open mike. Despite the silence during his tenure on Celebrity Apprentice, this is used a way to redefine words: Misogyny is now equated with sexism.

Borrowing from arguments made about the “America First” hysteria, Prager points out that the March illustrates how these women could care less about women around the world and only those here.

“The Women’s March was all about America first. The plight of women outside of America means nothing to the women’s movement in America,” Prager says. “The real, horrible intense suffering outside of the Judeo-Christian world, not all of it obviously, but much of it….is a NONISSUE to these women.”

Women’s March 2017 photo/ twitter (cropped)



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