Published On: Fri, Dec 9th, 2016

Dennis Prager examines Why leftists are cutting Trump supporters from their lives

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, protests and movements among the leftists in America has been shocking and divisive. While attacking Trump as an intolerant (insert adjective from the list of: bigot, sexist, racist, homophobic, Nazi, fascist, misogynist), they themselves have become incredibly intolerant.

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager examined the topic in a new article on the Jewish Journal, chronicling shocking separation between friends, family and those on social media.

“Why is this phenomenon of cutting off contact with friends and relatives so one-sided? Why don’t we hear about conservatives shunning friends and relatives who supported Hillary Clinton?,” Prager asks before offering ten suggestions.

He starts with the bias on colleges across the country, noting “universities shut out conservative ideas and speakers” noting that ” leftists have been indoctrinated with leftism their entire lives” so it’s no wonder.

Prager suggests conservatives listen and study leftists much more than the leftist listen and study the right; therefore,, ” those on the left really believe that those on the right are all SIXHIRB: sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist and bigoted. Not to mention misogynistic and transphobic.”

photo donkeyhotey

photo donkeyhotey

While that may be true, it’s the next point which couldn’t be more accurate: “Most left-wing positions are emotion-based. That’s a major reason people who hold leftist views will sever relations with people they previously cared for or even loved. Their emotions (in this case, irrational fear and hatred) simply overwhelm them.”

Students crying, asking to be excused from exams, leftists donning safety pins, proclaiming their depression and making comparisons to having PTSD: this is in nearly everyone’s Facebook feed. The emotional pain they feel as their ideas have been rejected and ultimately transferred to people which represent those who rejected them: Trump supporters.

The submission to fear has been shocking.

“Since Karl Marx, leftists have loved ideas more than people,” Prager states, illustrating how those leftists are racing to embrace their ideas and movements tighter, even at the expense of their relationships to others.

Prager’s list continues as he points to a common theme of his show: “People on the right think that most people on the left are wrong; people on the left think that most people on the right are evil. Decades of labeling conservative positions as ‘hateful’ and labeling conservative individuals as ‘sexist,’ ‘intolerant,’ ‘xenophobic,” “homophobic,’ ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted’ have had their desired effect.”

When speaking with anyone who identifies themselves within one of these victim classes struggles with this stigma. I asked one of my closest friends, who is gay, if I am too homophobic since I didn’t vote with Barack Obama in previous elections. He stumbled was obvious as he meekly offered: “I didn’t mean you.”

Prager points to a leftist’s association between decency and progressive politics, concluding that for ” your left-wing friends…if you don’t hold progressive positions, you lack decency. Ask your left-wing friends if they’d rather their high school son or daughter cheat on tests or support Trump.”

Interesting challenge.

The list is an interesting examination of the political divide with his now wrecking households and Facebook feeds. “Unlike conservatives, politics gives most leftists’ lives meaning,” “there are more mean people on the left than on the right” and ” left tends toward the totalitarian” rounds out the list as Prager concludes:

“I wish none of this were true. But there is a way to prove me wrong: Re-friend your friends and relatives who voted for Trump, and tell everyone who has ended relations with family members — especially with parents — to reach out to them and welcome them back into their lives.”

Check out the list, reading more of Prager’s commentary and explanation HERE

Prager’s list should raise some eyebrows and cause for introspection. His observations are broad, but will elicit a strong emotional outrage from the left. Trump has triggered the innermost fears of leftists, who now are separating themselves from the liberals who may have voted for Clinton, but conceded the race to the unlikely victor.

I supported neither of the two candidates, but have witnessed incredible shut down and victimhood from these individuals. Like the snowflake Millennials at universities, these left-wing leaning voters are clinging to any news story or effort to validate their stance, numb the pain of rejection and find solace with others. It is truly a dangerous time, making America even more vulnerable to a “Strong Man” approach to counter Trump.

Pray and reach out in kindness.


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