Published On: Fri, Nov 22nd, 2013

‘Delivery Man’ Movie Review: Vince Vaughn pleases without the raunchy humor

Most of us go see a film starring Vince Vaughn expecting his usual amount of raunchy humor and outrageous situations.  While Delivery Man is definitely centered around an incredibly outrageous situation, he has changed up his formula for success by leaving out the raunchy humor.

delivery-man-posterAnd here’s the kicker……you won’t even miss it.

Vaughn plays a loveable screwball character, David Wozniak, who goes through life routinely disappointing family and friends.  However, no one seems to write him off as he regrettably bumbles through daily mishaps that any normal person can see coming a mile away.  So it is no surprise when Wozniak encounters an attorney who lets him know that his almost 700 donations to a sperm bank about 20 years ago have resulted in the successful births of 533 children…..and about a fifth of those children are now looking for him.

While struggling to maintain his anonymity as the legal battle ensues, Wozniak is curious and begins looking through the profiles that over 100 of his biological children have given his lawyer in an effort to convince him to come forward.  Wozniak is overwhelmed by the idea of being a father to 533 individuals but decides to take on more of a “guardian angel” role in their lives and begins showing up unannounced and doing his best to make their lives better in that moment.

Vaughn’s character sets off on an unusual parenting experience which pulls at the heartstrings of every parent in the audience.

In a short two hours, the audience watches this lost individual transform into a responsible adult through a series of momentary parenting experiences…..the pride of your child’s accomplishments, the fear over life-threatening choices, and the additional commitment of caring for a disabled child growing into adulthood.

The point of the film is not about becoming a responsible parent, but instead cherishing and appreciating the family you have, as his children learn to do while seeking out their biological father and end up finding each other in the process.

Vaughn transforms himself into a “serious” actor accompanied by both a wonderful supporting cast and a well-written script full of great character development.

At the end of the film, you realize you just watched a “dramedy” starring Vince Vaughn without the usual raunchy humor and just like I said…..you didn’t even miss it.

Overall: Delivery Man receives 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Guest Reviewer: Debbie Picallo Sage

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