Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2012

David Morrissey promises ‘big surprises’ from ‘The Walking Dead’ Governor

David Morrissey has promised “big surprises” in store for fans of The Walking Dead and his character The Governor.

David Morrissey as The Governor in “The Walking Dead” season 3

“I’m not a graphic novel fan. It’s not something that’s got me, really. And also the graphic novel showed me where The Governor was going, and I wanted to know where he’d been. That’s what all my questions were about – how did he get to this place, emotionally as well as physically. And Robert said, ‘Have a read of that.’ And I said, “Okay.” It’s a brilliant book. It deals with a group of people in the very early days of the crisis and that character and that world started to give me the basis of the character really.”

Speaking to SFX, the 48-year-old actor promises fans of the comic and the show will be surprised by the character on the screen.

“When people talk about him as a villain and evil, they’re terms that you put on to people, and you give to their motivations, whereas people don’t tend to think of themselves in that way. They might think of themselves as uncaring or they might have a block about caring for you, or a sadistic sense of themselves, but I think they have a reason behind what they’re doing. My whole thing with The Governor was making sure he did things for his good reasons, that they were absolutely paramount for him, and necessary for him to function, and his community to function. And I think we’ve done that.”

Governor (David Morrissey)

“It’s also important to say the other characters in the show have a relationship to The Governor that is very different to the relationship he has with the audience. The audience see him in his private moments and those private moments can be all different types of emotions, but you have a personal relationship with him that nobody else in the show has. And that’s different from the comic. So it’s going to be interesting, but my responsibility, of course, is to the TV show and the character in the TV show. The comic book is out there, you just have to get on with that.”

Fans are eager to see Rick and the group come to Woodbury and see how The Governor handles that.

“The Governor has his own place and his own idea of himself in the place that he plays up to. I don’t think he existed with that much power and security before the world went to shit. I don’t think he had that. The situation has given him that, so it’s a relatively new position for him, which he’s enjoying. Woodbury has a hierarchical way of working and he’s at the top. Any other group that comes in will have to work within that hierarchical group, but of course sometimes that doesn’t work! So it’s that type of oil in the water thing, that’s what we deal with this season, and that’s what’s interesting.”

The Walking Dead season three premiere recently broke records in the US, becoming the highest-rated episode of a cable drama in history.

Showrunner Glen Mazzara has confirmed that he already has plans for a fourth and fifth season of the show.

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