Published On: Mon, Apr 4th, 2016

Data Security is Main Priority for IT Decisions, Survey Reveals

Given the level of damage that can befall both the finances and reputation of a company following a data breach, it’s not surprising that recent surveys show that security is the main concern amongst IT decision makers when it comes to deciding which areas are a priority for allocating their budget. According to the results of a survey carried out by IDG Research Services and sponsored by IT services provider Datalink, over seventy percent of businesses list data security as their top concern when it comes to choosing where to invest their IT dollars.

Changing Opinions

The survey also revealed that opinions are changing regarding data security, with more and more business owners, company managers and IT professionals taking more of an interest in IT security. In fact, the results of the survey, which polled over 100 IT executives and managers from large U.S. based organizations, showed that more than seventy-five percent of businesses consider IT security to have significantly increased in importance over just the past two years. Almost three quarters of the respondents reported having current IT security plans and upgrades in the works, whilst just over 20% said that they had such projects currently in the planning or development stage.

photo Anonymous9000 via Flickr

photo Anonymous9000 via Flickr

Reasons for the Increase

Chief security strategist for Datalink Jason Rader believes that the increase in IT and data security shown by a huge amount of professionals surveyed has a lot to do with high-profile breaches which have occurred in recent years and the devastating effect that they have had on some of the biggest names in the entertainment, healthcare, and retail industries. In fact, sixty-five percent of survey respondents indicated that this heightened risk of security breaches was one of, if not the most important factor which influenced their decisions to tighten their own business’ IT security.

Transforming the IT Industry

Rader said that he believes the IT industry is currently undergoing a transformation when it comes to security. This transformation is not only affecting the way in which businesses think about and implement security, it’s also changing the attitudes which IT executives and managers have when it comes to implementing security solutions for their business. No longer are people thinking that just carrying out a ‘security project’ once is fine, it’s becoming more and more apparent that IT security is something which requires regular updating and maintenance in order to be effective.

Security Solutions

Rader reported that whilst more and more businesses are understanding and implementing the use of different security technologies in order to minimize their cybersecurity risk, many are also discovering the benefits of using additional strategies, such as employee training. Since many security breaches can be caused by employee error or lack of understanding, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that all company employees are fully trained and up-to-date with IT security policies and procedures and what to do in order to best avoid a security breach and avoid danger.

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Author: Carol Trehearn

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