Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2018

Dartmouth student Ryan Spector attacked, called misogyst after publishing op-ed on females getting preferring hiring for campus tours

Dartmouth College student Ryan Spector is currently attacks after penning an op-ed, titled “You’re Not Tripping.” noting how the school hires 5 female hostesses for every one male host.

College Fix explained that the Dartmouth Outing Club’s “Trips” program hosts tours for incoming students to help them assimilate into college life. The trips are hosted by students who are selected every year through applications to join.

photo Josh Janssen via Flickr

Spector points out the female super-majority of Trip leaders, 5-to-1 ratio: “Trips directors’ obsession with diversity verges on the inane,” Spector wrote. “When nearly 80 percent of Trips’ executives are the same gender, such an imbalance is no longer just a majority. It is ludicrous.”

Campus groups labeled Spector as “misogynist,” “privileged,” “hateful,” “white supremacist,” and countless other personal insults, according to a piece in The Dartmouth.

“We would suggest that it is counterproductive to label one’s adversary in a debate with this kind of language,” the article defending Spector began. “It will not change minds or win hearts. It will drive away anyone in the middle ground and further polarize opinion. And the effect on open discussion of difficult ideas can only be chilling. Anyone who does not hew to established and codified positions will be afraid to express any opinion. Worse, it could encourage self-segregation, as students will feel secure only among those whose views are known and shared.”

The Inter-Community Council also chimed in, condemning the op-ed by saying that they “cannot stress enough how violent this article is in erasing the work of WOC on campus.”

They also took a shot at The Dartmouth editors, saying that they “would also like to express our disappointment towards the editors of The Dartmouth, who appear to have sacrificed the safety and well being of students in favor of supposed non-partisanship.”

Spector knew their would be push back, writing “I can assure you that I will be called bitter. That is correct. I can assure you that my white, male phenotype will be criticized — whether publicly or internally — as the malevolent force motivating this response. That is not correct. It is, however, evidence of the degree to which Trips is attached to identity, rather than reason.”

Adding “Make no mistake: I love Trips. And I support affirmative action-style policies. But I do not support the extreme application of a diversity policy. And I do not support a directorate that is unrecognizable as representatives of Dartmouth’s student body.”

Spector didn’t foresee his attack on special classes, preferred people groups and the attack machine which defends their hypocrisy at every turn. My bet is that hundreds, if not thousands, would support Spector’s expulsion from the elite university, though that hasn’t been proposed at this time.


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