Published On: Thu, Jan 22nd, 2015

‘Dark Tower’ ‘Hellboy 3’ highlight list of films stuck in development

A Movieseum list highlights the biggest films stuck in development and may never get to the big screen. While some films, like Ghostbusters 3 or Halo has gotten some traction, the list does a great job of pointing out the red tape problem in Hollywood, particularly these: Hellboy 3, Dark Tower and Robopocalypse.

Below is the remarks on each of these Dispatch favorites.

Dark TowerDark Tower

“To many, The Dark Tower series is Stephen King’s best work. Spanning eight novels, some nearly as thick as his thirteen-hundred page epic The Stand…For a while it looked as if it would happen with a deal that included both films and television miniseries and actors such as Russell Crowe and Javier Bardem rumored to be playing the Gunslinger. Unfortunately, it is still too rich for the Hollywood money men’s blood and things have gone quiet again. You have to feel for King’s fans who have to deal with five Children of the Corn films and not even one Dark Tower film.”

Ron Perlman as Hellboy photoHellboy 3

“Again Guillermo Del Toro seems to have the worst luck picking his projects, but who could have predicted the third installment for a franchise that is both critically and financially successful could be close to being never made at all. According to the director and Hellboy himself  Ron Perlman, it’s a case of schedules. With Del Toro currently working on his gothic ghost story Crimson Peak and a few of other projects on the horizon, including a possible Pacific Rim 2 and the mooted Justice League: Dark film. It seems that Hellboy 3 will be abandoned and one of the best comic book franchise left unfinished.”


“The film seemed to be on the fast lane to the big screen with the casting of Chris Hemsworth and Ben Wishaw announced in quick succession. Things came grinding to a halt thanks to Spielberg. Apparently the director plans to trim the budget and is unhappy with the state of the script. Just as with World War Z, it’s not the easiest text to adapt for the screen, but just by reading the book, there are sequences that you can’t help but imagine would look wonderful on the big screen. At the start of the year, Steven Spielberg was insistent that the movie was still an active one, and that he’d found a more personal way to tell the story. What that is, we’re going to have wait some time to find out. If it does happen, the Robopocalypse movie won’t be with us until at least 2016.”

Check out the full list HERE


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