Published On: Sat, Dec 15th, 2012

‘Dark Knight Rises’ writer talks Robin, Bane being ‘fearless’ and Anne Hathaway

Co-writer and brother of the director, Jonathan Nolan spoke to Empire Magazine in an interview released late on Friday. He is currently writing the TV Series “Person of Interest.”

Nolan begins by discussing the freedom of writer a film with his brother, Christopher Nolan.

Bane vs batman Dark Knight Rises photo“The fun thing about writing in that environment is, with Emma [Thomas] and Chris and Wally [Pfister] and their team, whatever you want to do with a scene they would be able to achieve it. The beauty of that is you don’t have to sit there saying to yourself, ‘Well they’re not going to be able to do that!’ After Inception, Chris can do anything. You can write a sequence as huge as you like.”

Similar to villain in “Skyfall,” the interviewer accurately points out the trend of villains orchestrating their own capture.

“Well, the Joker did that gag in The Dark Knight and that’s one of my favourite scenes in The Dark Knight! But I’m sure we were inspired by what went before — probably Bond movies or something else. There’s something great about it: in the face of certain defeat they have actually engineered the whole thing,” Nolan explained.

Bane in “Rises” was a different kind of villain, and the “Prestige” writer elaborated on the handling of the quasi-terrorist.

“Bane’s out to do something really big. He is completely in charge of that situation. And unafraid, almost absurdly fearless. You’re never in any doubt with Bane. He is completely what he is. He’s absolutely… Out-of the box thinking. He does not take into consideration his fear.”

Nolan added more praise for Anne Hathaway and her fight scene.

Joseph Gordon Levitt as John Blake in "The Dark Knight Rises" photo Warner Bros

Joseph Gordon Levitt as John Blake in “The Dark Knight Rises” photo Warner Bros

“It’s very easy for a writer to write that, to see the change on paper, but for an actor to actually do it, I think it’s extraordinary. Mesmerising. And Anne is such a decent, caring, loving, well-adjusted person, too. (laughs)”

Rumors were flying that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was going to be Robin, Batman’s partner and sidekick. While that’s not 100% true, the writer had to address dealing with the character in the “Nolan Universe.”

“It is a little hard to imagine Robin working in that universe, so the idea had to be limited to that gag at the end. But Joe’s character is very important to the story. In any movie you need a character looking at proceedings the way yousee them, and Joe’s character is that character for this film. One of my favourite scenes is when John tells Bruce how he knew he was Batman. It’s like that scene in The Prestige where the little kid sees through Christian’s trick. Little kids, they don’t have any illusions, they just see the truth of the situation. I feel there’s a kind of spiritual connection between the two movies there.”

Clayface, Penguin in the trilogy, analysis of “The Avengers and Joss Whedon – this interview offers so much more, so check it out here.

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