Published On: Tue, Dec 3rd, 2013

Damian Lewis discusses ‘Homeland’ season 3, defends less screen time for Brody

Showtime’s Homeland continues to be a big success, but new plot twists and less screen time for star Damian Lewis as some fans upset. Lewis discussed some of these plans and defends the overall show in a new interview Entertainment Weekly.

Lewis tells EW that the plan was to tell more stories away from his character.

Homeland Damian Lewis as Brody“They always knew they’d need to tell some stories without Brody. They felt the flip-flopping between Carrie (Claire Danes) and Brody couldn’t go on forever. As much as people love that story, it will only be loved as long as it’s compelling. They needed to give themselves some time to write another story and develop some plot.”

At one point in the interview Lewis sounds like Brody dying could have been a viable option for the show.

“There’s certainly an argument for Brody to have been killed in season 2. Equally a lot of people watching season 3 miss Brody. So he does divide opinion. When I took the job it was really intimated to me very strongly there was only so much of a storyline for Brody. So even though, like everybody else, I signed on for 6-7 years, I had no expectation of getting even halfway through that.”

His recent scene with Dana was a topic as well.

” I’m inclined to think it’s tall poppy syndrome. I live in a country where we’re experts at that. I think everybody is entitled to their opinion. I retain my right to disagree strongly with them. But I think it comes with a sense of ownership of something. Popular TV shows engender the same kind of fan base as soccer teams do here. People get very attached to their teams and their TV shows. And when they feel something is being done they don’t like, they feel a very keen sense of betrayal. The vehemence of disagreement when things aren’t going their way is palpable and everybody hears it. But I disagree with all of them. Don’t pick up the reviews and read what everybody thinks of what you’ve done, know yourself what you’ve done. That’s the important thing. We know where the weaknesses and strengths are in Homeland, and the strengths massively outweigh the weaknesses.”

Check out the full interview HERE

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