Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2017

Dallas teacher Payal Modi screams ‘die’ and shoot President Trump with toy gun during inauguration feed in classroom

Protests and media elites bemoaned the inauguration of President Trump last week and a Dallas public school teacher has made her way among that list as a video from classroom during the live feed of the ceremony reveal some shocking behavior. The W.H. Adamson High School teacher, Payal Modi, can be heard shrieking “die” and shooting at the screen with a toy gun.

The Instagram video originally posted has since been removed after going viral, with the link taking social media users to a page that reads “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” Check it out below because that’s how the Internet works.

The Dallas Independent School District confirmed in a written statement that Modi has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is completed.

Texas school teacher shooting image of Donald Trump with a toy gun photo/ screenshot of video

Adamson High School assistant principal Bobby Nevels confirmed for PJ Media that the person in the video is Modi.

“It is her, yes,” said Nevels, “and the district is aware of the video but will not comment on personnel issues.”

The outlet confirmed with Nevels that it was done in front of students and based on the footage, he said he assumed that it was.

Modi’s Instagram account featured this on her page recently, urging “kindness” and “respect.”


Critics are quick to point out the hypocrisy of Trump’s opponents: “Left wants to bash Barron Trump, calling him the ‘worlds first homeschool shooter‘,”writes Tiffany Layne on The Black Sphere. ” Then there is the secret service broad who swears she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump after Madonna threatens to burn the White House down. But this one takes the cake. This Dallas School teacher spent her class-time shooting Trump. These evils bastards perpetuate division and hate.”

Total NUT-JOB TEACHER Shoots President Trump On Screen With Squirt Gun Screaming “DIE!” In Front Of Students
Payal Modi – Teacher Adamson HS pic.twitter.com/rh83ljqyNt

— DeplorableLeft #MAGA (@Deplorable_Left) January 26, 2017


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  1. ro9n ronson says:

    Payal Modi, is an art teacher at the W. H. Adamson high school in Dallas, Texas……. Right Now we have college professors and public school teachers calling for White Genocide….Teachers are supposed to be the role models…… Not spreading Anti-American Hatred and filling the hearts of school children violence ….. These students will now feel it’s ok to attack people with different views from the ones they were taught in school….. This Teacher Payal Modi her Principal Janie Ortegaand the entire Dallas Texas school system ISD needs to be investigated …. What kind of America are we going to have in the future… Is America going to be a third world Hell Hole or not… If we don’t start holding those responsible for teaching Hatred, what king of a Nation will we have…. Please take the time and contact school administrators at: Principal Janie Ortega of W. H. Adamson high school in Dallas, Texas 972-749-1400 email: [email protected] The Dallas Independent School District Board of Trustees at (972) 925-5555

    Payal Modi Here is her address 1910 LEDGEMONT CT ALLEN TX 75013 and email [email protected] and her phone number 469-583-0344

  2. anonAdmin says:

    In what world did she think this would end well for her? Such a hypocrite. Go back to your safe space moron… clearly you at unfit to handle the real world, let alone teach children in it.

  3. Unhinged Liberal Teacher Uses Toy Gun & Acts Our Her SICK FANTASY Of Assassinating Trump. DISTURBING! – The PATRIOTIC PERSPECTIVE w/ TRENT H. WALLER says:

    […] front of a class full of children, Payal Modi decided to pull a RADICAL STUNT off in front of her students. Instead of telling her students that […]

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