Published On: Thu, May 9th, 2013

Dallas police don’t respond to robbery call for an hour as Joe Cho, the manager fires gun to scare off thieves

Pepe’s Grocery was nearly robbed Sunday night, but the manager fired his gun to thwart the crime. The police never arrived after twenty minutes so the man went home, contacting him an hour later.

According to public records, it was nearly another hour before officers arrived at the scene at 12:15 a.m. Joe Cho said officers called him at home after 1 a.m. and asked him to come back to his store, which he did, despite the fact that he was not at all happy about it.

“I’m at home safe, everything, I relax right now,” Cho said. “Then you call me about an hour something later, you want me to come back over here.” 

Four armed men attempted the robbery, but Cho, originally of Korea, has worked at the store for roughly 17 years and saw the intruders demanding employees to turn over the money from the safety of his office. 

Without delay, Cho emerged with his .38 caliber revolver and fired at least two shots at the suspects.  They immediately fled, and Cho frantically called 911 to report the altercation. 

Cho says he stuck around at the store for about twenty minutes and when help never came, he went home. Asked if he was surprised or upset by the Dallas police response to his call for help, he said, “upset, definitely.”

“Twenty minutes. What the hell,” said Cho.

The Dallas Police subsequently released this message:

The Dallas Police Department is currently looking into all the facts and circumstances surrounding the robbery offense that occurred at Pepe’s Grocery, 4819 Bernal Drive. One suspect is in custody however detectives are pursuing additional leads to determine if other individuals are involved.

Local media pressed the police for an explanation, and apparently a spokesperson responded in an email (via the Dallas Observer): “The caller had a very heavy accent and was speaking very quickly…The call taker had a very difficult time understanding the information and did not hear the caller say ‘shot’ or ‘shoot.’”

Below is the 911 call


photo Scott Davidson

photo Scott Davidson

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  1. Pierre says:

    If the accent was so thick for the 911 system operator, why didn’t she asked him to repeat etc…She seemed to understand everything perfectly..

  2. Yea the PD will protect you - Gun & Game - Gun Forum Community says:

    […] the PD will protect you Dallas police don’t respond to robbery call for an hour as Joe Cho, the manager fires gun to s… The left does not think we need guns, I beg to […]

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