Published On: Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

Dallas police chief David Brown crushes silly questions on gun control, use of bomb to stop Micah Johnson VIDEO

During a Sunday appearance on CNN, Dallas Police Chief David Brown told host Jake Tapper how he really felt about the 2nd Amendment when Tapper pressed if there should be more gun control. and questioned whether they should have “bombed” Micah Johnson, the Dallas sniper who murdered five police officers.

“I’m a servant. So, ask me a question about serving this country, I’ll talk to you for hours. You ask me a policy question that policy makers haven’t resolved, I’m going to punt and kick it back to you…” Brown said when asked about gun control.

Micah Xavier Johnson

Micah Xavier Johnson

Watch the segment below and the twitter response from some of Brown’s supporters.

Tapper acknowledged that law enforcement had “every right and ability” to use lethal force to end a mass murder attack, but still asked if Johnson’s life could have been saved.

“I want to just ask briefly about the decision to use this bomb robot which you said that you would make the same decision again. As you know, it’s prompted a lot of discussion among law enforcement officials about whether or not there should be some sort of discussion nationwide about the use of this type of robot. Just to ask a question about this – could something else have been used other than a bomb that would have killed the shooter? Obviously, in a situation like that, law enforcement has every right and ability to take out the shooter ay way he can, but could for instance, some sort of riot gas been used instead of something that killed the gunman?” asked Tapper.

Brown dismissed Tapper’s relaying of alleged controversy over the decision to use lethal force to stop Johnson.

“I just don’t give much quarter to critics who ask these types of questions from the comfort and safety away from the incident. You have to be on the ground and try and determine… I’ve got former SWAT experience here in Dallas, and you have to trust your people to make the calls necessary to save their lives. It’s their lives that are at stake, not these critics’ lives who are in the comforts of their homes or offices. So, that’s not worth my time to debate at this point. We believe that we saved lives by making this decision,” replied Brown.

Brown later elaborated on the heroism and bravery he witnessed from his fellow officers during the attack. Police officers placed themselves in peril to protect others.

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