Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2018

Daily Wire: Americans are too lazy for a Civil War

Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire penned an eye-opening article examining “The Only Thing Preventing Us From Descending Into Civil War” where he proclaims: “There will be no civil war. We’re far too lazy for such an onerous pursuit.”

Walsh creates a stark contrast between America in 2018 and the America in which “men marched over mountains in bare feet in the winter, “lived on salt pork and black coffee made from acorns,” “charged headlong into cannon fire,” and “used whiskey as an anesthetic while they had their limbs amputated.”

“It’s easier to snipe at each other in the comments section or shoot off insults on social media. We much prefer a tweet war to an actual war because tweet wars don’t interrupt a Netflix binge.”

Walsh certainly has a point.

photo released by Josh Blackman

Townhall listed 7 reasons pointing to a Civil War, listing:

  • Liberals don’t believe in the Constitution: America has in many ways already become a post-constitutional democracy and we’re one liberal judge away from abandoning the Constitution altogether.
  • Tribalism: The Right has gotten much more tribal since Donald Trump rose to prominence and the Left has taken tribalism into hyper-drive. Increasingly, liberals treat a range of opinion between Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton as legitimate while everyone else is viewed as a white supremacist Nazi primitive that must be driven down into the gutter for society to move forward.
  • Federal Government Too Powerful: When people are unnecessarily forced to live under rules they find abhorrent because the federal government has become an octopus that has inserted its tentacles into every minute crevice of American life, it creates discontent on a wide scale.
  • Moral decline: A large number of Americans HAVE LOST their principles, manners and virtue and it shows through from the sort of politicians they elect, to their rudeness online, to the sort of shallow hedonism and fame whoring they find appealing.
  • Debt crisis: At some point, probably within the next decade or two, we will face a debt-driven economic collapse; borrowed money will stop flowing into the United States and Medicare/Social Security as we know it will fall apart because we will not have the money to pay it.
  • Lack Of A Shared Culture: Conservatives and liberals disagree on economics (capitalist/socialist), religion (friendly to Christianity/hostile to Christianity), the Constitution (support/believe in a living Constitution i.e. no Constitution), etc., on and on.
  • Gun Grabbing:  Liberals have fallen in love with the idea of ignoring the 2nd Amendment and confiscating all firearms.

Image/Wokandapix via pixabay

All of those are valid…scary and very true. But Civil War?

“We do not have that kind of conviction,” Walsh counters in his article. “We have enough conviction to participate in a hashtag campaign, or to hurl a snarky gif at our cowering adversaries, but civil war? We need not worry our silly heads about that. We spend literally billions of dollars on iPhone upgrades, porn, video games, tickets to superhero films, and accessories for our pets. How many people would be willing to jeopardize a life of such insane, stifling luxury for the sake of fighting a gruesome battle out in the street? Not many. Not nearly enough to get even a halfway respectable war together.”

Walsh lists some examples which coincide with the Townhall list, noting hollow exchanges and insults on the Internet.

“We are not really a hateful people. We are certainly callous, but our callousness stems from the same hollowness and indifference that informs every aspect of modern American life. Hollow, callous, indifferent people do not fight civil wars. Rather, they float softly into oblivion. That will be our fate, at least if we stay on our current trajectory. The country will not break apart. We will remain stuck together. But our unity won’t be due to any kind of common principle or shared understanding. It is more like a kind of paralysis. Or, you might say, rigor mortis.”

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