Published On: Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

Daily Kos writer, Chauncey DeVega, compares GOP to KKK with revisionist history and racism of his own

no racism symbol slash logoWriting for the Daily Kos, Chauncey DeVega claimed that Donald Trump is “the logical result of at least five decades of Republican political strategy” and defined Trumpmania as “a mass political temper tantrum on the Right caused by a potent mix of authoritarianism and racism.” He dipped into revisionist history by linking the GOP to the KKK instead of the ACTUAL southern Democrats of the time.

“Much of the rhetoric, policies, and goals of the Republican Party and Donald Trump in 2016 are disturbingly similar to those of…the Ku Klux Klan,” declared DeVega. “This should be no surprise. The Republican Party is the United States’ largest de facto white identity organization. Conservatism and racism is now one and the same thing in the American post civil rights era.”

According to DeVega, the Klan parallel is not the only “ugly ghost of the past” for the current GOP: “The right-wing’s paranoid fixations on ‘Islamic terrorists’ are a contemporary version of the Cold War era Red Scare. ‘Muslims’ are now the new ‘commies’…Racism and bigotry, both overt and covert, are the name brand of today’s Republican Party. Its voters find such values appealing. They are not rejecting Donald Trump. Instead, they are embracing him.”

Some other interesting notes that reveal the blinded bias of the writer:

  • “illegal aliens” is in quotes, indicating that they really aren’t here illegally?
  • “The Republican Party and the Christian Right have a prurient and scatological obsession with how gay, lesbian, and transgendered people use the toilet. The American Right’s “potty politics” is nothing but homophobia mated with a preexisting framework of hatred and bigotry that has its origins in panics about “race mixing” during the reign of Jim and Jane Crow.”  — Jim Crow laws are somehow linked to the privacy concerns of letting perverts and sex offenders in locker rooms, bathrooms and hotel rooms with women and their daughters
  • The right-wing’s paranoid fixations on “Islamic terrorists” are a contemporary version of the Cold War era Red Scare. “Muslims” are now the new “commies” — except that the Islamists are attacking schools and workplaces, screaming “Allahu Ackbar” and murdering us too
  • Since (at least) the election of Barack Obama, the Republican Party has moved farther to the right. – except they HAVEN’T: Trump is more liberal than Mitt Romney and the outrage which put Trump and Ted Cruz over GOP establishment types is that there has BEEN NO or LITTLE move to the right (conservative principles)

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Photo/donkeyhotey donkeyhotey.wordpress.com

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