Published On: Sat, Jul 13th, 2013

Cyclospora outbreak: Iowa reports 60 cases, Nebraska reports 22

In an update to the Cyclospora outbreak reported from the Midwest United States, both Iowa and Nebraska released new numbers in the past 48 hours.

In Iowa, health officials are reporting 60 cases of the parasitic infection as of July 12. This is up from 45 cases just 24 hours prior.

In an update Friday, the Iowa Department of Public Health said that although the source of this outbreak is unknown at this time, progress is being made. They go on to say that  Cyclospora illness is typically traced to consumption of freshfruits and vegetables contaminated with the parasite; this investigation currently indicates fresh vegetables, not fruit, may be the source of illness.

In neighboring Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services tweeted Thursday that 22 Cyclospora cases have been confirmed in the state.

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According to the CDC, Cyclospora cayetanensis is a parasite composed of one cell, too small to be seen without a microscope. This parasite causes an intestinal infection called cyclosporiasis.

 Cyclospora cayetanensis  Image/CDC

Cyclospora cayetanensis Image/CDC

The symptoms of Cyclospora are typically watery diarrhea, with frequent, sometimes explosive, bowel movements. Other common symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach cramps/pain, bloating, increased gas, nausea, and fatigue. Vomiting, body aches, headache, fever, and other flu-like symptoms may be noted. Some people who are infected with Cyclospora do not have any symptoms.

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  2. Iowa Cyclospora outbreak rises to 71 cases - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] This updated total is up from 60 cases reported Friday. […]

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