Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2018

Cryptoeconomics as Evolution of the Financial System, and Educational Seminars on This Topic

Does the future of particular countries or even the whole world lie in cryptoeconomics? Some crypto clubs conduct educational seminars on this topic. At such seminars, you will not just get acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies, but also learn a lot of interesting information that is not published in any journals or on the Internet.

Such events are intended for those who plan or are already investing in various cryptocurrencies and tokens. The listeners usually do not need special knowledge as most of the information can be acquired without prior preparation. The best way to answer your “How-To” questions in this field is still https://howtotoken.com/ which provides you with the information online.

photo/ Gerd Altmann

The approximate program for the events mentioned above is as follows:

  1. Storage and use of cryptocurrencies;
  2. Favorable ways of purchasing;
  3. Methods for evaluating projects for investment;
  4. Legal documents, juridical protection of investments;
  5. Planning of profitability, risk-management;
  6. Trading, trust management.

Policies on Governmental Level and Trust Issue

The position of the state about the cryptocurrencies is not as unambiguous as it may seem. With a stable economy, the state will prevent going to the “crypt” just for the sake of collecting taxes, what is important. But if there are problems in the economy, then the cryptocurrency boom may be a more serious threat, as it can quickly undermine the demand for the national currency and the stability of monetary circulation. Banning measures of the People’s Bank of China against Bitcoin on the backdrop of the accumulation of debt problems in the Chinese economy are an example. Tightening of regulatory measures in many countries was another important reason for the fall of the Bitcoin rate.

But there are also opposite examples when the states are interested in the development of cryptocurrency transactions, for example, in the case of excessive inflow of currency into the country, as in Switzerland, where there is a developed network of ATMs working with Bitcoins, or in Japan (for example, the Japanese payment application LinePay).

In the long term, legalization of cryptocurrencies can become the alternative to sterilization of a monetary mass or an active exchange rate policy. As it is known, in the first case, the state creates additional financial obligations for itself (selling bonds today with redemption or redemption in a conditional future). In the second case, it requires a complicated search for a balance between inflation and the weakening of the competitiveness of national goods by strengthening the exchange rate. Legalization of cryptocurrencies does not have these disadvantages and, besides, shifts currency risks onto the holders themselves. As a result, the cryptocurrency markets can become adsorbents of excess liquidity.

There are also more original variants when the state tries to solve current monetary problems with the help of cryptocurrencies. An example is Venezuela, where the government is looking for an alternative to the national currency because of extremely high inflation, which exceeded 4000% in annual terms.

But since there are countries in the world that are interested in the development of the cryptocurrencies and those who prohibit them, this will inevitably result in the transfer of operations to the countries that are more favorable to them. It means that over time, the same task of international regulation of the cryptocurrencies will arise, which is now being solved on the issue of the tax offshores regulation.

Emphasizing a thorough research of the cryptocurrencies market and gaining a full understanding of it, before actually starting cryptocurrency trading, can’t be more important.

Author: Hillary Walker

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