Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

Crestron Smart Home Automation Services In Dubai

Have you recently acquired the home of your dreams in Dubai or are you remodeling your old home? This is the best time to plan for the addition of a home control system such as the models made by top manufacturers such as Crestron. These innovative systems have unique features that can make your life better organized and simpler.

It is important to find well experienced and certified technicians in order to trust them to perform excellently during all the installation of these smart systems. Good example of

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Some of the best outstanding Crestron home automation services that will meet your needs and improve your lifestyle include the following:

A central remote control unit for all processes

Having individual remote control units for different devices and functions can be quite confusing. You need a central control unit that can be used to operate your lights, TVs, heaters, entertainment systems, etc. our systems at Crestron come with such a central control system. It is installed on a tablet or smartphone, and you can have control over all the smart systems in your home.

Take advantage of the latest technology

To enable the users to have the best experience with our systems, the Pyng app was developed for Crestron smart systems. It offers a quick and simple solution for the adjustment and operation of the different amenities in the home. The users can download the Pyng app directly into their smart devices such as the iPhone, iPads, and other Apple devices such as the Apple smartwatch. With this control, users can create schedules for parties’ sudden dinner hosting, and other events. The smart control with Pyng also allows users to control other aspects of the home such as lighting, thermostat, music, TV, window shades, and the security surveillance systems. After a long day at work, you can settle down and effortlessly select music or movie to help you relax for the rest of the evening. The entire system works seamlessly through a centrally controlled platform for your convenience. The Pyng app gives you control of your system while you are indoors and when you go on a trip to visit other cities or countries.

Eco-friendly smart home systems

Crestron smart home systems are designed to reveal information showing how energy is consumed in the different rooms to help you redistribute energy efficiently. To give an example, you can program the system to come alive at certain times in the morning when you wish to wake up and go into energy saving mode at particular times in the night or when there is no one in the house. These controls are done with only one touch of the button on your control panel. The Crestron management software also makes it easy to monitor the status of the different rooms in the home to enable home owners to view the energy consumption rates in a few seconds.

The clients of the leading Creston installation provider in Dubai Custom Controls share that they have been impressed by the sensors that function in the Crestron smart home systems which can turn your system off when the sun rises in the morning and shut the system down at preset times or when it is very late at night. Features such as lighting, temperature, and entertainment offer on your system can be viewed on your mobile devices connected to the system. The best part about these smart home systems is the amount of energy you can save which equals savings in costs. The systems help you analyze energy consumption for the previous years to make comparisons to determine the amount of energy being saved and how you can make changes to reduce the energy bills in the new year.

Now smart systems are the future, and our services at Crestron have been developed to meet all your needs.

Author: Maria Andreas

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