Published On: Fri, Mar 8th, 2019

Creating the perfect working environment

Creating the ‘right’ working environment can have a huge impact on the overall success of a business. This can have a major impact on mood, drive and performance. If an office is dark and gloomy, this is likely to reflect on the staff, resulting in them being unfriendly and less productive. This can then make them less motivated, which results in the business being far less effective. So what are some of the best ways to create the perfect working environment?

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Team members

The success of a business stems down to the staff. So hiring good ones is paramount, and at the same time making sure to get rid of ones who are causing a toxic environment. This means creating a professional workforce, who are great team players. It can be hard to let team members go, but ultimately the success of the business is what is important.

Lighting and working space

Another vital aspect that can greatly improve workers performance and attitude is lighting. It is similar to improving the look of a home by creating as much natural light as possible. Exposing people to natural light improves mood and energy, which will then greatly impact performance and productivity. This is something that is a problem in many working places. This can be done through acquiring the correct windows if possible. Sometimes creating natural light is not possible, so adding bright lights into the office can have similar positive results. Also using warms tones of colour in certain rooms can create calmness and relaxation amongst the workforce.

In regards the working space, it is important as this can have a direct impact on the staff. This means using up to date equipment such as Truedor doors, and spacious comfy furniture. Many companies are now incorporating relaxing areas for the staff, so they can take a break when they need to. This also leads on to having a clean, colourful and attractive looking office.

This can now only impact the staff, but will give an instant positive look of the business to clients or potential clients. If they walk into a dark, messy office, then this is instantly going to give them a negative view of the business and could result in the business losing the work. Making sure it is a comfortable working environment for staff is paramount. Creating this space for staff means they can then customize their own working area, which means they can be far more productive in their day to day activities.


How team members interact with each other is another key aspect to a successful business. This means upper management showing respect to the team, and allowing them to feel valued and have an opinion. Offering employees specific feedback on both how their work is impacting business objectives is a great way of achieving this. Many people amongst offices in this day and age communicate all through email, which can be positive in regards efficiency, but it is never as good and face to face interaction. This means creating an environment in which staff are all confident in speaking to each other is key. This will result in better ideas and opinions being created from the team. A great way to do this is organising team building activities and days away for the workforce to socialise and can to know each other better.

Author: Adam Walker

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