Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

Create a spa-like environment at home

We all need a place to relax. A place to let the stresses of the day wash away, a place to soothe the soul, and a place for quiet reflection. These spaces can quickly recharge your body, help you generate new ideas, and bring some comforting, understanding warmth to your environment.

In this article, we will look at a few ideas to turn an unused part of the house, perhaps basement space, or outdoor area, into a luscious spa-like atmosphere.

photo/ Michelle Maria

Flood the Senses

Think about all of your primary senses when you’re planning your spa area. What will you be hearing? What will you see? What will you smell? Taste? Feel?

Try to hit all of the major senses. Use some scented candles, incense, fragrant plants, etc. to give you some calming scents. For taste, you could try a fruit tree, or simply plan on having some fresh fruit with you in the spa room. For feel, perhaps a soft carpet, or some diaphanous curtains to catch the eye.

And for sight, consider what tends to calm, as opposed to what brings visual interest. You don’t want the space to be boring, but you do want to get to a relaxed mood.

Decorate with Plants

It is incredibly important that a spa area have some life in it, so plants are a must! Many house plants will help to clean the air, and serve to create a calming space. Being in nature clears the head, and while your spa space won’t be a purely natural environment, the closer you can come, the better!

Keep it Minimal

With a relaxation space, the fewer items the better. There is a natural tendency to add more items to a space to fill it in, but much of the appeal of a relaxation space is that it helps to give you some head space.

Keep clutter away from the relaxation space, keep it clean, and don’t try to over-decorate. A blank wall or two can really make the space feel more open.

Soak in a Spa or Hot Tub

Hot tubs can be extremely expensive, complex mini heated pools, integrated into the landscape in beautiful ways. Of course we love these designs, but so many are out of reach of most homeowners.

But spas don’t have to be super expensive! In fact, many inflatable hot tubs are surprisingly inexpensive and useful. They can provide soothing relief, a fun place to sip a drink late into the evening, or a spot to get some warm, bubbly joy.

Modern Lighting

Often some modern lighting can really juxtapose nicely with a heavily plant-filled environment. The geometric lines of an interesting modern light fixture can complement the space, and complete it. Be sure you consider the color temperature of your lighting, as the last thing you want in your soothing spa area is harsh lighting!

Put your lighting on a dimmer, and consider adding some candles as well for the natural fire element.

Author: Eric Clark

photo/ Social Butterfly

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