Published On: Sun, Feb 17th, 2019

Crazy leftist behavior: Melissa Harris-Perry, Elie Mystal, Andrea Mitchell, Joe Scarborough

If one thing is certain, President Trump has caused a bizarre reaction from his critics and opponents, particularly from the far left. Trump’s presidency ushered in an expansive movement among the postmodern idealists from university, calling for censorship and authoritarian actions, especially at colleges and universities.

Check out some of the absurdity below.

Melissa Harris-Perry – the Worst of 2015
photo/ screenshot Harris-Perry donning tampons for earrings to the Texas abortion battle, by wearing tampons as earrings

Melissa Harris-Perry vs. Wake Forest

Political science professor Melissa Harris-Perry, who parted ways with MSNBC in 2016 while accusing the network of trying to silence her, has become embroiled in a public feud with her long-time employer, Wake Forest University, where she says academic freedom is officially “dead.”

She gave a speech on Martin Luther King Day in which she called on people to “raise questions” about Wake Forest’s expansion into downtown because the university had benefited from racist laws in the past.

Academic freedom is truly dead @WakeForest,” Harris-Parry wrote in the first of a series of tweets. “Two days after a public MLK address where I called into question the university’s labor practices Provost @rtkersh sends an email ‘inviting’ me to eliminate @AJCCenter as a university entity & offering a ‘goodwill’ payoff.”

“I have given my lifeblood to @WakeForest in recent years- leading two centers @phiwfu and @AJCCenter without pay. And giving tens of thousands as contribution to their work,” she added.

Wake Forest suggested that she’s deliberately being “misleading” about what really happened.

“Her recent comments about the university are misleading and disappointing,” the university said in a statement reported by the Winston-Salem Journal.

The university confirmed that she is in fact still employed there.

Harris-Perry has a long resume of bizarre takes on things, a couple are her says “Star Wars” is racist, wearing tampons as earrings to protest Texas’ abortion bill, kids don’t belong to parents, but to the ‘whole community’ and Boston bombers’ Islamic faith doesn’t matter.

photo Ron Almo

Rebuking Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitism creates ‘toxicity’

Vice President Pence called on Rep. Ilhan Omar to be punished for her anti-Semitic remarks during an interview with MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell, who twisted the criticism into a question about anti-Muslim discrimination.

“I have to ask you about your tweet from the plane against Congresswoman Omar. You read her out, we understand you want her to be kicked off the foreign affairs committee. At the same time Republicans were very slow to go and punish Congressman Steve King of Iowa, who is historically critical of Hispanic Americans. And the President’s Muslim ban. Can you understand how that creates a climate of toxicity in all directions?”

Pence explained to Mitchell that the travel ban did not discriminate against Muslims.

Afterwards, fill-in anchor Kristen Welker even touted Omar’s tweet slamming Trump for his own supposed “hatred” against “Jews, Muslims, indigenous, immigrants, black people and more.”

Mitchell then stated that the original “Muslim ban” was not upheld by the courts, but still complained, “I was trying to get at the whole issue of how Muslim-Americans have been discriminated against and have been categorized and profiled by this president when he was a candidate and since.”

She means the LOWER courts (9th circuit court on the west coast), but was approved by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Scarborough evokes Trump is Hitler narrative

In a discussion about the wall and Trump’s El Paso rally, MSNBC political commentator Mike Barnicle said that the wall was, “a metaphor for Donald Trump’s Presidency” and a symbol of hate and fear.

Barnicle ranted: “…it becomes fear of the other and it becomes fear of brown people.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough added, “It’s about the brown people that Donald Trump thinks do not belong in America.”

Scarborough’s evidence was a tweet in which Trump supposedly called for keeping Latin Americans out of the United States, but a search of Trump’s Twitter feed over the last couple of days show no such tweets.  The closest one being, “Gallup Poll: Open Borders will potentially attract 42 million Latin Americans. This would be a disaster for the U.S. We need the Wall now!”

Scarborough then talked about the Muslim ban: “We said at the time this sounds a lot like Germany in 1933, there’s a reason because in Germany in 1933 there were certain leaders that also focused on the other.”

Check out the clip below.

MSNBC guest: Trump supporters are ‘idiots,’ ‘zombies’ spreading an infection

On Joy Reid’s MSNBC show today, guest Elie Mystal called supporters of President Trump “idiots” and “zombies,” saying “we have to stop them from infecting everybody else.”

Mystal elaborated at the end of his rant, saying: “we have to cauterize the wound that is Donald Trump and his supporters, and worry about the people who aren’t infected yet.”

Mystal’s solution was to ban live coverage of President Trump, putting the president on a 30-second delay, with someone in an on-screen box “to explain to people that he is lying in real time.”

He also employs a particularly violent metaphor in speaking of the need to “cauterize the wound that is Donald Trump and his supporters.”

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