CPAC should be ashamed for allowing Marion Le Pen to speak, just for the ‘Bad PR’ reasons alone

The lineup for this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday, followed by Marine Le Pen’s niece Marion Le Pen, the granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of France’s National Front and an anti-Semite found guilty of denying the Holocaust.

2011 CPAC photo Gage Skidmore

Needless to say, this sent some shockwaves across the conservative landscape, prompting many to speak out against the move.

American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp defended the invite on Twitter by saying that CPAC is all about hearing people out and Le Pen is a “classical liberal.” He also asked Twitter critics to “do your research.”

Schlapp came across like an MSNBC host, dismissing any critics as ignorant, likening the National Front leader to the Dave Rubin self-described “classical liberals” of 2018.

But there’s no separating Marion from her grandpa, who posed with the Alt-Right leader at the age of two, featured in a campaign poster alongside her grandfather.

She eventually joined the National Front at age 18, after the financial crisis hit Europe.

In 2012, Marion shocked the political establishment when she was elected the first National Front Member of Parliament and, at the age of 22, the youngest person ever to be elected to the French National Assembly. Le Pen then ran the party’s platform more effectively than the other candidates were able to.

She backed away from politics after Marion Le Pen’s presidential election loss last year.

The National Front is not fiscally conservative, supporting universal health care, reducing retirement age, forcing lending practices on banks, increasing wages for “state” employees, favors massive infrastructure spending, and  calls America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord a “negative signal for the necessary action in favor of the environment”

In October 2016, Marine Le Pen, vowed to ban “all religious symbols” including kippas, headscarves, veils, burqas and burkinis from public spaces if she is elected president, explaining the move as a “sacrifice” to combat Islamic extremism.

Got that? Sorry Ben Shapiro.

This is what was said at the time:

I know it is a sacrifice but I think the situation is terrible these days…I know that every French person, including [French] Jews can understand that if we ask for this sacrifice from them [in the framework] of the battle against the advance of Islamic extremism, they will make this effort and understand it,” she said, adding that she is “convinced” that it is in the “national interest” to do so.

Mr. Schlapp, does Marion Le Pen agree with these positions?

Is that a “classic liberal” stance or one perpetuated by a fascist?

Breitbart proclaimed glee in the outrage over Le Pen: HERE

So if CPAC 2018 is a Breitbart approved event, where does that leave those who oppose the Steve Bannon led outlet?

Conservative Jonah Goldberg sarcastically replied to CPAC on twitter when hearing that Marion is NOT her aunt, “This is fantastic news. I mean if she’s a classical liberal, she’ll announce she’s leaving the National Front, right? That’s a coup for CPAC. Congrats.”

Conservative Jamie Weinstein: “While the alt-right has very little connection to American conservatism in terms of ideology,” he wrote, “it has significant overlap w/ European parties like [the National Front] @mschlapp. Might as well just say the alt-right is now welcome at @CPAC if FN party members embraced w/ open arms.”

Schlapp enjoyed the congratulations of Jack Prosobiec, an alt-right activist who was involved in the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Should we go on?

Queue up the photos and sound bites which will now be used in midterm elections, seized by the leftists to use Le Pen against conservatives, Republicans and Trump himself.

photo donkeyhotey [email protected]


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