Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2015

Couponing Will Always Be Here As Long As There Are Mothers Who Are Practical And Economical

Nothing beats the incredible talent of mothers when it comes to saving up for any occasion. Always on the lookout on what shop is on sale, what promo is offered, and what products are on buy-one-take-one, mothers know all the saving strategies available in the market.

Because of incredible discounts and a shopping experience that does not require high amount of money, mothers have become huge fans of couponing. According to a survey conducted by Allrecipes.com in 2013, seven out of ten mothers actually used the coupons they collected and about a third spent on merchandise included in the shop’s coupon booklet. This clearly shows that when it comes to coupons, mothers are always the first in line.

photo by photoSteve101 via Flickr

photo by photoSteve101 via Flickr

Almost all commercial establishments and online shops offer vouchers and coupons to the delight of mothers. Even Kohls are not left behind in this couponing phenomenon. Mothers who are loyal customers get to enjoy the savings brought about by Kohls Coupons, and the shop’s strategy to distribute coupons attracts more and more new customers as well. This yields not only sales, but also increase in the population of customers.

Through discount coupons, shops get to promote their merchandise as well, most especially the new ones. In fact, most of the new brands and new products in the market are being introduced through discount coupons and vouchers. This is another factor that delights mothers, as they get to try out new products without actually buying it on a regular price.

There are various ways on how mothers get their coupons. According to the study conducted by Womensforum, the following are the major ways on how mothers search for discount coupons:

  • Magazines, newspapers, newsletters and the like: 77.80%
  • Leaflets, booklets, fliers from shops: 65.4%
  • Blogs, online advertisements, and online promotions: 55.1%

Now in the modern times, where laptop and smartphones are tagged as essentials in everyday grind, mothers have found a new way to make these high-tech gadgets even useful: sourcing of coupons. Laptops and smartphones have become the favorite gadgets of mothers not because of social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but because of features that permit them to search coupons, compare price differences, calculating discounts and savings, making a list of what to buy, and scheduling on when to use the coupons they have gathered. Most of the mothers who cannot go out of the house still get the chance to collect coupons through the websites that distribute them. BabyCenter conducted a survey in 2013 to Smartphone user mothers and 72% of them confessed that they use their phones in looking for deals, discounts, and promos. This definitely shows how mothers are able to use smartphones and laptops as money-saving gadgets.

It cannot be denied that the family benefits from the discounts the mothers are able to generate through discount coupons. Couponing is here to stay as long as there are mothers who know how to be practical and economical.

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