Published On: Fri, Nov 15th, 2019

Could Self Storage Make Christmas Better This Year?

Read about how convenient and handy self storage can improve your Christmas this year in lots of different ways. 

Christmas is a lovely time of year, but it can be fraught with stress for lots of different reasons. Perhaps you’re struggling to find space for relatives to stay, or you’re going on holiday and you can’t help but worry about the security of your home during the holidays. Cheap self storage can help. Take a look at how self storage For example, see Storing.com) can make Christmas better for your family this year:

Somewhere To Hide Gifts

It can be hard to hide gifts from the kids, especially bigger special presents like bikes or large toys. As you can rent self storage for short periods of time, and you can rent a space as small or as big as you need, its the perfect place to utilise for your secret gift stash. Security is high at Storing.com’s self storage facilities so there’s no need to worry about Christmas being ruined with the theft of expensive presents either. 

Photo Brandon Jones

A Way To Make Space For Relatives

If your house is full to the brim, and your spare room is a room for storage, you might be struggling with where to place relatives this year when they come to stay. Self storage provides an easy way to temporarily empty that spare room so your loved ones have a nice space to stay in during the holidays. 

A Place For Christmas Stock

If you work from home and have seasonal stock cluttering up the home, cheap self storage is a really great idea. You can store your Christmas stock safely, and they will even take deliveries for you. It could be something to think about on a more long-term basis if your growing business could use convenient, affordable storage space. 

Quick Decluttering

It makes sense to declutter before Christmas ahead of all the new things coming into the home, and all the room you need to decorate. If you don’t have time to get rid of everything properly, why not declutter into a self storage unit that you can then sort out after Christmas. It saves you throwing away things you could make a bit of extra cash from when you have the time to sell them properly. And who doesn’t need a bit of extra cash after Christmas? 

Secure Storage For Christmas Trips

Sadly, Christmas is a time of the year rife with crime. Criminals know many people have expensive gifts in their home, which makes burglary a popular crime during the holidays. If you’re taking a trip you might worry your most precious belongings will be stolen, leading to a nasty surprise when you get home. Cheap self storage will have a high amount of security including CCTV, several lock points, lighting and more. Why not utilise a short-term self storage unit to store belongings you couldn’t face being stolen. Even items that aren’t of high value to thieves might be taken or damaged in a burglary with other things so it is worth protecting anything irreplaceable to you, as well as high value items. 

Who doesn’t need extra secure, dry, clean space at this time of year? 

Self storage might seem like an extra cost you don’t need at Christmas, but realistically, it could be an affordable asset that makes your Christmas much better. 

Author: Anne Preston

Photo Brandon Jones

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