Published On: Sat, Oct 13th, 2018

Cost of Living in San Diego

When people think of beaches and year round sunshine they may think of San Diego. By its natives and its tourists alike, the city is celebrated for its beautiful range in landscapes. From oceans to deserts, to preeminent food and wine industries, and to never ending outdoor adventures, San Diego is the place to be. The outdoors are not diminished from the urban landscape but merge seamlessly with this diverse metropolis. This is a city that is made for those who love nature, good food, different cultures and adventure. Many people all across the world visit San Diego while only a few have the privilege of living in this amazing city. Before giving into the magnetic pull of San Diego, and moving in to this bright, wondrous place, it is important to know the cost of living that is associated with “the birthplace of California”.

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How Much Does the Average San Diegan Make?

Finances are essential to think about before moving to any city, including San Diego. While there are plenty of places to look for extra funding in San Diego, it is always important to make sure finances are in order. Before moving to any city a potential resident should know about the average wages that accompany their profession, and the average income earned in their potential new home. Before packing for the west coast, it may be helpful to know that the median household income in 2016 for San Diego is $71,481. This average is higher than the median income for the rest of the United States which averages around $57,000. The most common jobs fields in San Diego are; business, management jobs, science, the arts, office jobs, sales, and the service industry.

How Much Will It Cost to Buy or Rent a Place in San Diego?

There’s no way to sugarcoat the fact the homes are expensive in San Diego. In 2016 the average property value in San Diego was $567,400; this is more than two times larger than the national average, which sits at $205,000. In addition to the cost of a home, there are property taxes to consider. The largest amount of property taxes people pay in San Diego is around $3,000. In March of 2018, the average rent was $1887 a month, this is without utilities, which in San Diego amounts to around $200 dollars a month.

Can I Afford to Eat All of The Delicious Food?

San Diego’s mouthwatering diverse cuisine, often accompanied by the perfect wine pairing, is a hard temptation to resist. Like every city around the world, the food of this place holds the ever-changing values of its people. San Diego’s cuisine gives tasters a glimpse into its rich, unstructured history. In California, the path of food also follows no structure- the food is always evolving, breaking new moral grounds, and reaching new culinary feats, all, while enticing a variety of pallets. Food will definitely be a cost to think about before moving out here. The average cost of eating out for two at a nicer restaurant is about $60 dollars. For something a little less fancy, the average cost for two at a casual restaurant is $12. The average cost for food for one person is about $320.00 per month in San Diego.

The Cost of Healthcare in San Diego

Sunshine and activity can cure a lot of things but chances are, you will have to visit a doctor at some point. Healthcare can be one of the most expensive costs in the United States, so before moving anywhere it is important to review those costs. San Diego is actually at a good middle when it comes to the cost of seeking healthcare when compared to its neighbors. For a primary care visit the average price to pay is $145. When it comes to larger medical costs it is more important to pay attention to the actual health insurance policy than the place of residence.

The Cost of Taxes in San Diego

It may not be a secret that California has the highest tax rates in the country. In San Diego, the 2018 tax rate was 7.75%. In addition, to this in the state of California there are additional taxes that are added to things like cigarettes and gasoline. When comes to income tax, the range begins at 1% and ends at 13% (13% for those who make over $500,000). The standard deduction is $4236 per person.

Transportation Costs in San Diego

The state of California has so much to do, chances are when you get to San Diego you’ll want to explore. And once you start your life here you will need ways to get around. San Diego does have a fairly priced public transportation system, costing about $72 for a monthly pass. However, since most things here involve the outdoors, driving will probably be the most convenient way of travel. Gas in San Diego can get expensive, it generally costs about $3.70 per gallon, which is about 40% higher than the national average.

San Diego is a city filled with rich history, sunshine, culture and diversity. It is not surprising that many people want to call it home. If a person is thinking about moving the San Diego it is important that they understand the cost of living in this distinctive city.

Author: Patrick James

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