Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2020

CoQ10 Supplements and Why You Should be Taking Them

It seems there’s always a new supplement available that promises to make you feel better, do better, and be better, but how many of them are actually backed by science and research and proven to deliver on their claims?  It can cost supplement companies millions of dollars to get their products tested so they can deliver a research-backed product to the public.  Because most companies refuse to do this, we’re left guessing whether a supplement is actually effective.  Some supplements, however, have been researched and proven to be beneficial, and are distributed by companies who have invested their time and money to research that proves their efficacy. 

One such product is CoQ10 supplements.  CoQ10 is a naturally occurring antioxidant that is produced in our cells by our mitochondria.  To understand what it is, what it does, and why you should be taking a CoQ10 supplement, you need to know a little more about the mitochondria. 

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What is a Mitochondrion?

Do you remember studying the parts of the cell in junior high science?  If so, you likely remember studying the organelles inside a cell.  One of those organelles, the mitochondrion, we learned, was the “powerhouse” of the cell, responsible for producing cellular energy.  That cellular energy powers the cells, which power our organs, which power us.  In other words, all our energy is created on a cellular level inside our mitochondria. 

Mitochondria also have other important functions other than producing cellular energy.  They function as cellular courier pigeons, delivering and receiving messages from other organelles.  They also help to regulate proper calcium levels, control our body temperature, and play a major role in cellular health and destruction.  To put it plainly, they have a really important job. 

Mitochondria are surrounded by a double membrane which helps protect all this important work going on inside.  As energy is produced inside the mitochondria, by-products called free radicals are released.  Free radicals can be damaging to this special double membrane (think of these like factory smoke), so to protect the membranes from free radical damage, the mitochondria produce an antioxidant called CoQ10 which effectively protects the membrane from the free radicals. 

What Happens When Mitochondrion Don’t Function Properly?

When our mitochondria don’t function properly, we feel the effects in ways that are unexpected and sometimes easily written off as other ailments.  Feeling tired, sluggish, moody, stressed, or anxious can all be symptoms of improper mitochondria function.  Additionally, other issues like aging skin, weight gain or blood sugar issues, and blood pressure and circulation issues can occur when the mitochondria aren’t doing their job properly. 

So what causes these guys to slack off on the job?  The biggest thing slowing down our mitochondria’s work is our age.  While some illnesses and diseases can also cause mitochondrial function to decline, a decrease in function in a healthy adult is typically due to age.  As we age, our mitochondria aren’t able to produce as much CoQ10 as necessary to protect themselves.  As a result, we experience free radical damage, and the whole host of health issues related thereto. 

Can a CoQ10 Supplement Really Help Fight Mitochondrial Decline?

It can, if it’s the right CoQ10 supplement.  Unfortunately, CQ10 is not well absorbed by the cells, because of that special double membrane surrounding the mitochondria.  That membrane makes it extremely hard for certain CoQ10 supplements to actually penetrate inside.  This means you could be taking a CoQ10 supplement that simply passes through your system instead of being absorbed. 

In order for your supplement to work effectively, you must look for a formula that possesses positive charge technology.  Originally discovered in the 1990’s, positive charge CoQ10 technology describes CoQ10 supplements that contain a positively charged ion.  Because the mitochondria are negatively charged, attaching a positively charged particle to a CoQ10 supplement allows it to penetrate the double membrane wall and be absorbed properly by the mitochondria, making it much more effective than any other non-positively charged CoQ10 supplement. 

Why Should I Take a CoQ10 Supplement?

When your mitochondria function properly, so do you.  Here are five reasons you should be taking a CoQ10 supplement right now. 

  1.     Increased energy. Imagine increasing your energy levels without the use of caffeine.  You can do that when you take CoQ10 and help your mitochondria power you through your day.
  2.     Blood pressure and blood sugar support.  Taking a CoQ10 supplement can help your body maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  3.     Metabolic function.  CoQ10 can help your cells maintain healthy kidney and liver function which equate to proper metabolic function in your body.
  4. 4.     Mental clarity.  Feel like you are in a constant fog?  The culprit could be sluggish mitochondria.  CoQ10 can help reactivate your mitochondria which can help you eliminate brain fog and focus better.
  5.     Immune system booster.  CoQ10 can help your body’s immune system function better, which means you’ll get sick less frequently.

Of all the available dietary supplements on the market, few are researched enough to have been proven effective.  One that has is CoQ10.  Not all CoQ10 supplements are created equally.  To get the most effective CoQ10 supplement, be sure to get one that contains a positively charged molecule so that the supplement can be easily absorbed by your mitochondria.  

Author: Jacob Maslow

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