Published On: Mon, Jan 27th, 2020

Cool Kitchen Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Kitchen Shiny and Germ Free

The most difficult thing in the kitchen is the cleaning part. A lot of people love cooking but is there anyone who loves cleaning also? Nah. but cleaning is also one of the most important things in a kitchen as without it anything is not possible. The internet is flooding with kitchen cleaning tips and hacks but does all of them actually work? Here, we have some pro tips and hacks for you to make your kitchen clean.

Modern Kitchens are equipped with many smart kitchen appliances like rotimatic automatic roti maker, Smart oven, Temperature controller, Sensors and other things. So cleaning them regularly becomes a tedious task. You have to go for the latest method to clean them. You can learn some ways of cleaning your kitchen. 

Top hacks to have a clean kitchen

Use covers for your kitchen shelf

To save your fridge shelves from unwanted spills, leaks, and spots, the best thing you can do to save your fridge is to use covers for your fridge shelves. You can either use a layer of cling film so you can simply change them whenever it gets dirty, or you can also buy shelf covers from the market that are reusable after wiping them. 

Cleaning a fridge all over again every time is a very hectic and time taking task. To save yourself from this trouble, cover your shelves from the films and get rid of one trouble at least.  

Cleaning Toaster with a Pastry Brush

You will find small bread crumbs stuck in the corners of a toaster which really needs to be cleaned up. To clean them, first put the toaster upside down to remove all the remaining and then use a pastry brush to remove the small particle stuck at the corners easily. 

Cleaning gas Burners with Ammonia

Cleaning gas burners sometimes gives nightmares to the people. There are a lot of hacks available over the internet that claims to clean these tuff stains from the burners but none of them actually works. Here we are going to give you a pro tip to clean your gas burners effortlessly. 

All you need to do here is to buy some ammonia from the market and some plastic zip locks as well. Now take ¼ cup of ammonia in a zip lock bag and pour the gas burners inside it overnight. By doing so, you can easily clean the gas burners the next morning without even putting in any effort. 

Cleaning the gaps and spaces with a knife

If you too have some corners and spaces at your countertop where dirt settles down easily, we have a very easy tip for you. Use a knife to clean all the materials stuck inside it by rubbing on the surface. This way you don’t need to wipe them for a long time and the particle will easily get removed from the spaces.

Use bulldog clips for your sponge

These small things make a lot of impact in your kitchen which we hardly take care of. Do not leave your sponge wet after working as germs are most likely to breed faster on a wet sponge. Make sure to soak it well and dry after each use. You can also use some bulldog clips to hang it around so it will get dry by the next morning.  This will also ensure that you keep your sponge fresh and last longer than the soggy ones. 

Blend soap with water for a better cleaning 

Cleaning grinders and blender seems an easy task but actually, it is not. The area behind the blades is the ones that are the hardest to clean.  To clean them, the master trick is to grind the soap with water. This way, the soap will easily reach the corners and the difficult areas and it will be easily cleaned. 

Cleaning the microwave

Cleaning the microwave is the next big task everyone hates doing so. But cleaning them is also essential to get clean and hygienic food. The best way to clean a microwave is to put a bowl of water in a microwave and heat it well so that the flames will melt the food stuck at the top side of the microwave.

Now use a sponge for cleaning the dirt and oil. This way you don’t need to spend hours rinsing the oil and food off from the corners. Plus the difficult areas will also get wiped easily. Recently while going through rotimatic reviews online I got to know choosing the right appliances for your kitchen makes your cleaning tasks easy.

Using baby wipes for a quick cleaning

Imagine you just heard a lot of guests are arriving at any time and you have to clean your kitchen well and make it look shiny and clean. The best thing you can do at this hour is by using a baby wipe for cleaning the Rotimatic appliance which is used in making perfect rotis. 

Baby wipes work really well to give the appliance a quick cleaning and make them look shiny. You can use baby wipes instead of wiping them with normal water and cloth and wasting time. 

Note- Always keep in mind that baby wipes are also not good for the environment.  We recommend using them only when there is an urgent requirement. 

Picking up broken glass piercing with bread

If you have broken glass and you are planning to clean it up with a broom or a cloth then you are making a big mistake. The best way to pick those smaller pieces of glasses is through a bread piece. Bread pieces work really well in picking the broken glass pieces as these bread pieces easily trap the broken glass pieces properly without even using your hands. It will easily clean the smaller pieces that you are unable to see properly with a naked eye. More Kitchen related things can be found on bbqrecipez.com.

Getting rid of odor and smells

There are a lot of strong smells like curry leaves and garlic which appear for a long time in the environment. To get rid of these smells, a simple tip for you is to use vinegar and cloves against it. Take a saucepan and put some water into it, now take some cloves and vinegar and put on the flame. Now keep boiling the water without covering the lid and it will clean all the bad smell from the air and will make the environment clean and fresh again. 

Author: Rozy Trever

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