Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2012

Cook County Corruption and Making Nancy Jones a Scapegoat

Chicago, IL—Corrupt politicians love throwing tax money at contributors that provide unneeded good and services. To qualify for the free money you just need to make those kickbacks.

The people responsible for burying the indigent, forgotten and unwanted human remains forgot to pay up so their services went unfunded. The result was an unimaginable crisis at the morgue.

Illinois and virtually every agency controlled by Leftist Democrats are virtually bankrupt because of total corruption.

There’s nobody available to remove and bury the unwanted dead. Let’s blame the Medical Examiner Nancy Jones!

Now they want to create a scapegoat out of anyone but the people responsible for the mess.

What’s needed is ending the costly burials and save a bundle through simple cremation. When remains are not removed within ten days by a funeral home cremation is both reasonable and cost effective.

Families can be given the ashes of their impoverished loved ones. Or they can be buried easier and cheaper.

Forensic pathologists are rare in the medical community. Finding one to run that busy facility is not easy. Dr. Jones should not be punished for the failures of crooked politicians.

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Paul Huebl is Licensed Private Detective-Former Chicago policeman-Investigative vlogcaster

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