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Consumer Health Digest Review: Reliable Health and Lifestyle Website

No doubt, you must have got tired of reading lots of health or lifestyle-related articles providing you with several biased information. These sites are not meant to add value and do not care about the effects of this information on the reader’s life.

In many niches, genuine and unbiased information may not have a direct impact or put readers’ life at stake. For instance, in the entertainment niche gossip and rumors may not result in some severe consequence on the readers’ health and lifestyle. But, in the health niche, wrong or biased information may bring about some extreme health complications.

Therefore, it is paramount that all information read in the health and lifestyle niche must be clinically correct and unbiased. In fact, they must add value to your life and enlighten you on how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

With these dilemma being faced by this vital niche, it becomes imperative to question every health-related website on the internet. One of the sites facing our strict evaluation is Consumer Health Digest. We determine if this website provides information that can be trustworthy and genuine.

Evaluating Consumer Health Digest
The site will be evaluated according to National Institutes of Health standards, checking if it conforms with these strict and standard regulations. These standards help identify, which of these websites are fake and are after profit. They publish these posts to drive more traffic to their site for more money or rank higher on search engines. But, a legit website has the readers’ health at mind.

Here are the evaluation standards that will serve as a yardstick for Consumer Health Digest

Who provides the information?
The internet has over millions of articles, and someone writes all. Therefore, it is imperative that we know who provides the information written on the website. Knowing who give the information goes a long way to determine if this piece is genuine and legit. So, a site without an author shows that such content is not reliable and must be read with caution.

After checking the website, Consumer Health Digest, all content provided by the site always have the author at the top and the bottom of the content. The authors’ bio is presented in detail, and their LinkedIn accounts likewise. After checking out these authors profile, you will be mesmerized that with their level of expertise. They are professionals and highly-experienced in the field being discussed.

Website’s Goal
If you must decide to read content from a site or incorporate their suggestions to your lifestyle, it is paramount that you understand the website’s purpose. The goal should be stately as clearly as possible using simple English. The goal should be found in the About Us section of the website. If after checking all the website’s section, you still can’t find anywhere the manufacturer has discussed its goal of creating the site; then this shows readers are not the creator’s priority. The purpose of the website helps you understand if these content can be trusted. For instance, if the goal of a site is to sell a weight loss pills, then you should expect the content to be overstated.

Consumer Health Digest has expressed the core reason behind the creation of the website in the About Us section as expected. According to the Consumer Health Digest, the goal of the site is to offer well-researched, legit and genuine health- and lifestyle-related articles to help users improve their overall health and way of life. Also, they are not only focused on providing information that will enlighten but will also inspire and motivate readers to take a step in leading a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

Furthermore, Consumer Health Digest claims it is not a replacement to the health care provided by your local physicians, but should not serve as a complementary tool to help enrich readers’ lives. Another core goal of the website is being a place where readers can come and look for answers or inquire about any health-related content.

Any Reliable Information Source
No matter how great the piece of information you have read; they must be properly referenced to a reliable source. Taking a look at the listed sources at the reference section of the article put more light on the reliability of the content. If the materials contain proven claims, then these claims should be linked to a reputable source. Acceptable sources are journals, scientific studies, clinical papers, research papers, and many others, not some personal blogs, Wikipedia, etc.

Consumer Health Digest has performed excellently in this particular evaluation. It is surprising that all claims made in any of the published posts are liked to only reputable source and adequately referenced. The website does not provide opinions or suggestion, and all articles are gotten from in-depth research and valid information. They ensure all ideas are back up with sources only from journals, scientific studies, clinical papers, research papers, and many others. You can find the source listed below the article to cross-check how genuine the information or claims said in the article are.

Does website request for login
This seems to be the order of the day; most websites don’t provide full information or access to the article except doing something for them first. They often request you to log in or provide them with your email address before you could get the information needed. This is not against the law, but why would you need that if they care to help add value to your life? Such sites are meant for nothing but generate incoming at your expense. Therefore, you should expect such website to provide articles that may be biased and unreliable.

Immediately you get to Consumer Health Digest homepage, there is no sudden pop up requiring readers to log in or provide your email address. No matter how hard you try to click several links, the website wouldn’t ask for your information. Consumer Health Digest provides all information to everyone to learn and get inspired to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The most website will rant about how readers are their priority and how they started with keeping readers informed with the right information, blab, blab, blab… sadly, whenever you try to get in contact with the creator or anyone of the contributor is nearly as impossible as catching the shadow.

This is one of the most remarkable attributes of Consumer Health Digest, you can quickly get in touch with the creator and the contributor. In fact, for each content, you will find a small bio about the contributor and a social media account, which makes it easier to reach the contributors and discuss your concerns. This shows you are their top priority.

Consumer Health Digest Review – Final Verdict

It can be really frustrating to find a legit website you can just consider the content published without being worried about the falsity of the site. These results you take an in-depth look into the website and see if they are indeed genuine. After taking a look at Consumer Health Digest, we find the website to have proven itself a reliable and trustworthy site. To avoid all fallacies, they provide all sources of information, names of contributors, and their contact easily accessible for anyone at any time. Beyond doubt, it is recommended that you include Consumer Health Digest in your list of legit and reliable health and lifestyle website worthy of your time.

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