Published On: Fri, Mar 19th, 2021

Complete Guide to Convert CR2 Image File to JPG Format

The CR2 is a raw and unmodified image clicked by a photographer. Though these photos are natural and beautiful their major drawback is their size. These images are large and can’t be modified to reduce their size. 

The only way to convert these files is by changing their file format. The commonest conversion that can reduce the size of the image while keeping the image clarity intact is CR2 to JPG. CR2 to JPG converter is the converter that can help you achieve this conversion.

Before we learn more about the convertor, let us first learn about both types of image formats.

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About CR2 image format

Any photo that you click from a Canon camera and save onto your computer is in CR2 digital image format. The full form of this format is Canon Raw 2 (second edition). This image is quite large. Due to the immense detail contained in the image, it has a high resolution.

About a JPG image

This is a very popular and easily accessible file type. Images of this format are of convenient size.  This file format is substitutable with the JPEG image file. There is no distinction between JPG and JPEG. Both of these formats are the same. 

Method to convert CR2 to JPG

Having learned the advantages of CR2 to JPG conversion, let us see how you can do the conversion. It is not possible to do the conversion manually. You need to use software programs for this purpose. 

A browser-based converter is ideal for those who have limited space on their hard drive and want to convert a few numbers of files at each time. Fast internet connection is required for this conversion.

In the second method, you will need to download and install image converter software. This option of file conversion is most suited for those who have plenty of space on their hard drive and need to convert a large number of files at a single go. 

This method only needs to download the initial program from the internet. This makes it ideal for those who have slow or limited internet access.

Which file convertor should I use for CR2 files to JPG conversion?

The simplest and fast method to do this form of image conversion is reaConverter. This software is highly efficient to manage several batch conversions simultaneously. In this way, it converts your CR2 files quickly and saves time. The software comes with interesting editing features that help you apply a broad array of image editing options at the time of conversion.

reaConverter is quite fast to download, install and launch. Also, this software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Even a novice can learn to use it easily and perform the conversion without requiring any external help. With this software, you can easily load your CR2 Files and transform them into .jpg. This image converter software supports batch conversion. 


reaConvertor is one of the best software to convert .CR2 files to .JPG files quickly and easily. It lets you save a lot of time and effort that you would otherwise lose in doing repetitive processes.

Author: Chandra Bhushan

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