Published On: Mon, Nov 2nd, 2015

Community Crime Prevention: How Successful Programs Save Lives

When it comes to preventing crime, the people best equipped to do the job are the people who live in the community. Even the most dedicated and best equipped police force can only do so much, and they are rarely able to stop a crime in progress. Community watch and community crime prevention programs can fill in the gaps and improve the safety of the neighborhood.

There are countless examples of how community crime prevention programs and neighborhood watch programs have saved lives and improved the quality of life for local residents. If your own neighborhood does not yet have such a program, now is the time to get one started.

Not a One Size Fits All Approach

When it comes to community protection and neighborhood watch programs, it is important to understand that there is no one approach that will be affected in every neighborhood. If you want your own program to be successful, you will need a personalized approach to crime control and prevention.

The residents of an inner city neighborhood are probably looking for something much different that men and women who live in the suburbs or in a more rural area. By tailoring the crime prevention approach to the needs of the neighborhood, your crime prevention program is likely to be much more successful.

Understanding Your Options

It is also important to understand the different kinds of community crime prevention programs you can choose from. Not every neighborhood will need all of these approaches to detecting and preventing crime, and it is important to focus on the programs that are most likely to be successful.

photo/Alan Cleaver

photo/Alan Cleaver

Community policing uses the existing police force in the community and focuses on getting to know the residents and understand their needs. This may include getting the police officers out of their cars and having them patrol local streets on foot, by bike or even on horseback.

Neighborhood watch programs are more community centered – allowing residents to take the lead and keep an eye out for one another. Local volunteers watch for suspicious activity, notify the police and help to keep their fellow citizens safe.

Improving Quality of Life

While neighborhood watch and community policing programs focus mostly on crime, other programs look at improving the overall quality of life for local residents. Comprehensive programs like Comprehensive Communities and Weed and Seed work to not only fight crime and drug abuse but improve quality of life for everyone in the area.

They do that by working with local law enforcement, local and state governments, business owners and others in the private sector. Through a variety of programs working together under one umbrella, these programs can turn troubled neighborhoods around and make them magnets for investors, business owners and others.

Preventing crime is something everyone should be concerned about. The police can only do so much, and it is up to local residents to be aware of their surroundings and improve their neighborhoods whenever and however they can. Community crime prevention programs work on the principle that everyone can make a difference – and they are making a real difference in communities around the country.

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Stanley Thomason works in promotions and also uses his skills to help with various campaigns in his local community. He likes to share his ideas with an online audience and writes regularly for a number of different websites.

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